No Regrets

I have no regrets about picking the Riders yesterday, you guys played a great game and only lost by a point. I have every confident that they will make the playoffs and beat Edmonton if to face them. If I did it all over again, I'd pick the Riders in a heartbeat.

Go Riders!!!! :mrgreen:

BTW, if the AP was done the CFL and both teams got the Extra Point Trys after every one of their TDs, the game would have been tied! :shock:

for this, I'm only giving Edm 2 points in My Standings and Sask I giving 1. I think that's fair :wink:

Sask Vs. Edm:
Edm: 19 Sask: 18
Edm: 1 AP
Sask: 2 AP
Edm: 20 Sask: 20 (Tie! :shock:) (This assumes that both teams got it after their TDs)

interesting. I don't really understand how this Action Point thing is supposed to work so if you could expalain it to me it would be appreciated.

Team A gets a TD, and then goes for a 2 pont convert everytime (no Kick converts).

the Point system also chages.

7 points for a TD instead of 6.
1 point for a convert instead of 2.

This is done so that if a team isses, it's just liked they kicked a Kick Convert. If they get it, it's like a 2 point convert.

Just getting rid of the Kick convert w/o chaging the point system would be pointless in my opinion. it would also lower the scores and that's never good.

Cool! Thanks for that Unreal! :smiley: