No Reffing Controversy?

How refreshing to have two playoff games and the referees are not being held up as a reason that the game went one way or the other. IMHO I think the refereeing crews did an excellent job yesterday and after all the criticism they have taken all year long I think they deserve props for their job yesterday. Hopefully the Grey Cup will see the same quality of refereeing.

I will give them props.

There were a couple calls that I thought they missed during the Rider game, but when I watched the game on TV after I got home. I realized they were the right calls.

I agree, the refs did a good job yesterday.

...I'll second/third those sentiments, the refs did a good job....

Fourth that, I think I only yelled at the ref's once, but then I remembered I had my green tinted glasses on hehehehehe :thup: