No reason for this call.

I could understand if the ref didn’t see then interception and blew the play dead. They should have just given the ball to Mtl and be done with it. I personally think they called PI to cover their butts

The fact that he signalled incomplete on an interception.... Thats bad. Worse than the call that went against Hamilton.

Only one word to describe that call-- criminal.

ro, its the Murray Clark crew, again.

Piggy Hates Murray Clarke Crew 8)
R&W2005 Hates Bud Steen 8)
Rider fans hate Andre Proul because he can't prenounce Saskatchewan 8)
Guess that Leaves Jake Ireland......Guess whos doing the Grey Cup again! :wink:

It's hard, really hard to understand why this happens...but it does. Ro has the proof, I'll stand by CFL refs once happens in all pro sports. Makes your blood boil and makes you feel alive....ya got to love it...

But hank, Ive maintained an objective approach in these discussions about reffing, giving the benefit of the doubt, human nature, blah,blah,blah. This one is as bad as it gets and unexplainable. Even the Grey Haired old geezers that ref the Okanagan Sun havent done one of these (yet).

No but at least he says "Offside" properly.....
Darren Flutie always says "Offsides

I know, human error...what the hell was he watching...the CFL should give him a break....

That was almost a criminal call! Read this article and you will understand how we can never trust refs again.

Before, I thought refs were just incompetent. Now, I will always have a doubt... When I saw that call, right away I wondered if that ref had gambling problems... It was such an awful call... Read the article, it is a good read.

Actually, I like Andre Proul.
It is Jake Ireland I hate....

I like Andre Proul....I think he does an excellent job but sometimes I think he is a bit hard on the Als so he doesn't get accused of favoritism. I find most of the calls that could go either way get called against Mtl. I could be wrong though

well i have maintained for years that CFL refs are terrible; i don't like montreal or toronto so i have no bias one way or the other. It just seems that the league wants Toronto to succeeed so badly that it the referees are trying to impress that market. Last weeks replay of Copelands catch that they said was not a catch; the week befores' replay of Toronto's fumble and Calgary's recovery proves again that the whitsles go way too soon and the refs are trying to hard to impress.

After the NBA's fiasco with Tim Donaghy I know that the human factor crawls into decisions. The problem is that CFL refs are inept; they don't ref enough games because its the same usual suspects. Maybe we need some pros there too instead of the weekend warriors.....

You are right. I have even called him a "frog" (at my TV, not to his face, I would never do that because it is not polite) in anger at some of his calls because I have always thought he was too hard on the Als just to protect his behind and because he tried to disassociate himself from the only team in Québec. Then I remembered, that I was a also a "frog" and that I probably would do the same thing because I would want to look credible and honest.

Which official threw the flag.

Are any other videos available that show the flag being thrown.

The word is that the official that blew the whistle for the offside also threw the flag, but I haven't seen a video that shows this.

No you never see the flag, you only hear Cuthbert say there is a flag. I am not aware of an offside on that play

The guy on the sidelines that blew the whistle wasn't watching the ball. He was looking at Cox and Receiver, I think he saw the Ref in the middle of the field throw the flag and assumed since they missed the ball there was nobody there to catch was a bad call...

So a different ref in the middle of the field threw the flag? I don't see that on the replay.


You should upload some of this stuff to Youtube. Its good stuff.

Great stuff posting the vids like that Ro.

I can't imagine why the play was whistled dead. Even if there was interference, the play should continue until somebody gets tackled or whatever. Then they sort out the flag afterwards.

Why was the play whistled dead?

Horrible Officiating is why.