no QB's

there are no qb's in the free agent list!! :oops:

really? thought Martin would be there for sure.

Isn’t Kahari Jones availble?

And what about Ted White?

a) Martin is still under contract with the BBs and is therefore not a Free Agent.
b) Jones is not under contract with anyone so technically is a Free Agent. The better name is Unsigned Available Player.
c) White is a Free Agent as of Wednesday midnight.

Well there ya go bombers , sign away.

but who wants white he sucks

..White throws a lot of incompletions....and oh yeah... interceptions...sounds right for the Riders....unless they go after Tee.... :idea:

Nah.....we've got two quarterbacks who are perfectly capable throwing incompletions and interceptions......

White is good at running the ball in a third and incheas "scrum", other than that, not much else.

if I was the BB, I chose B.