NO QB's DRAFTED???????

I have been looking at the draft results and past draft results and there hardly ever seems to be a Quarterback drafted. Is there a reason? Where do most teams pick up their QB's????? Thanks for any help.

Where do you think they get them?... Yup, in your backyard.

In the CFL, every team has to comply with the ratio of Canadian players. You can only have 19 non-Canadian in each team... QBs aside!

All of your three QB can be imports and it doesn't count in your 19 imports. So every team goes after QBs rejected or snubbed by the NFL, thinking there are more preprared to play. Let's face it, in the NCAA, your players have access to the best training facilities, trainers, coaches, doctors... not to mention they already are capable of dealing with pressure (since your college team can draw 80 000 fans). In the CIS, things are... uh... different, I'd say.

So yeah, we all dream of seeing Canadian QBs, but the day hasn't come yet.

Speaking of this, I'd like to point out to separate anecdotes that tells alot about the chances of Canadian QBs becoming pivot in the CFL:

-The last Canadian QB hired in the CFL (Mathieu Bertrand, who won the Vanier Cup as a QB with University Laval in 2003) currently plays fullback in Edmonton.

  • The Ottawa Renegades' QB, Kerry Joseph, is an NFL reject. Before coming to the CFL, he played... SAFETY for the Seattle Seahawks.

I thought the story on Joseph is he quit NFL to play QB in CFL and not rejected/ ejected by NFL.

He was a strong safety and actually played in the secondary for the Gades before he got the job. I'm not real sure on the story behind him moving over to QB.

all good QBs come from the south.

i thought joseph played as a safety in the NFL, couldnt make, wanted to become a QB,knew he couldnt make it, so came to canada.

We could change that if we made a new rule ( oh no, another rule!!) that the 3rd QB must be Canadian. There were some good Junior and University QB's that came through. Beside Bertrand, How about Leesom from Sask?

Those are two that comes to mind ....probably more that I've missed.

To be fair, Joseph did play QB in college - at McNeese State.

We realy should have a spot for a Canadian QB

how does a guy go from QB to fullback?

who went to full back?

Bertrand, because he wanted to keep playing


I think the fact that you can only think of 2 decent Canadian QB's is probably reason enough not to dictate that a team's 3rd QB must be Canadian. For patriotic reasons I'd love to see a Cdn QB play in the league, but let's face it, the guys up here are just not going to cut it compared to QB's we can get from the US. Their system for developing players through high school and college is much more in line with developing professional grade players.

I hope Bertrand and others like him can at least get a shot at being a CFL QB, but it's not right to saddle a team with a lame duck 3rd QB if there are better options available.

When Jason Maas was injured last summer, the Esks wanted to dress Bertrand as their 3rd QB. Unfortunately, Betrrand was also injured that week. But if all the stars align, maybe he'll get a chance some day.

how come none of the american QB's get drafted?? are they all signed during the off-season then??

We don't draft Americans, we only hold our draft for Canadians. Americans are signed as free agents or put on a CFL teams negotiating list. (another CFL idiosicracy)