No punting stats for Bartel?

Why are there no stats being kept for Bartel :? None on and none on our website either....

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Game 1 vs. Saskatchewan - 5 punts for 172 yards (34.4 avg.) (44 yards longest punt).
Game 2 vs. B.C. Lions - 8 punts for 366 yards (45.8 avg.) (53 yards longest punt).

Totals: 13 punts for 538 yards (41.4 avg.)

Thanks, still I just find it weird they dont have any stats other than on the stat sheets

I posted the TSN punting stats in the above link which shows where Josh Bartel stands. I don't know....mistakes like this on the CFL website is unacceptable IMO. On that note; it took awhile for Walkers stats for rushing to appear after the first week of games.

Something I find much more annoying on the CFL site, because unlike stats there's nowhere else to go, is how they've screwed up the "Transactions" list, which I like to follow on a daily basis. Sometime in early June, somebody hit the wrong key and all of May's transactions were erased. Since then, they've managed to also erase all of June's transactions and now, July 8th, you will find their most recent entry, July 1-- a FULL WEEK OLD -- not only under 'July," but also as the only listing for "June" and also for "May." How many rookies are on their team this year? I'm guessing more than ours.