No punishment for Lloyd

Roughriders linebacker Maurice Lloyd won’t face any disciplinary action for his hit Saturday on Eskimos quarterback Ricky Ray.

The CFL was reviewing the hit which appeared to be helmet-on-helmet on some television replays. Miller told the CFL that the game video, which had a different angle than the TV replays, showed that Lloyd hit Ray’s chest plate first. The league concurred with that observation.

Got this from Today's Saskatoon Star Pheonix.
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I wasn't even aware this was an issue. Couldn't have been that bad...

TSN announcers went on for hours about how it was helmut to helmut and should have been flagged ... yadda yadda yadda.

I was surprised there hasn't been more uproar from people over that hit. I haven't had the chance to look at it closely myself yet, but from what I have seen, it could have been a 15 yard penalty, as even though it was not helmet to helmet, it arguably was a spear. In a league that condones a number of far worse actions, however, no way was that hit bad enough to warrant further action. Even if it was a spear, it was marginal, and certainly not late as the act caused the ball to pop out. It wasn't even as severe as the blow that broke Durant's ribs earlier this year, which also received no penalty or further action.

According to what I read in the regina paper about the the review it was standard procedure.They review all heavy hits on quaterbacks.What got me is that Edmonton never said a word about the hit and there being no pealty called.That right there told me that the hit was a clean.If it hadn't The eskimos would have said something about it wouldn't they?

I ended up passing out early and slept right through the game, so I didn't see it. But I didn't hear anything about it on Sports Centre, and there were no headlines about it on TSN.

There was nothing said by the Eskimos because there was nothing wrong with the hit. This is football, it's supposedto be tough.

I saw the hit on TSN's VOD and if it was the NFL (No Fun League), Lloyd would have gotten flagged 15 yards, possibly ejected, and the league would fine him for the hit. That's why I love the CFL. QB's get equal rights as other players. They have the right to get beat up, just like the other players do. QB's in the NFL are over protected.

I think Edmonton is trying to forget that game as quick as possible. I don't blame em.

Wonder if RR was hurt on the hit, would it be a different story.

It looked to me like Ray got drilled just underneath the ear hole. And yes it was a cheap head shot (as the new rule) is defined. he should have been flagged at the very least.

If there going to call those hits then call em all.

Did you not read the quote. It said from the Game tape (as in the Camera's that record the game for the teams, not the TV game Tape):

Miller told the CFL that the game video, which had a different angle than the TV replays, showed that Lloyd hit Ray’s chest plate first. The league concurred with that observation.

co cry to someone that cares...

Oops, I skipped over that. Wow, could a camera angle be that deceiving? sure looked like he nailed him.

Oh well, its history now.


I'd still like to see that camera angle that no one else could see. An hey cflbest, it wasn't my QB that got pasted so I could really care less. Just an observation about another perceived missed call.

Besides, if "can't get right" takes one in the ear hole tonight and they lose, it'll be you thats crying about it the most.

It was a clean hit. I lost it at the game. I went nuts over the hit. To be honest, I actually didnt even realize Kitwana Jones had the ball and was running to the endzone until he was at the 10 lol

Even Ray said after the game that it was a clean hit.

Well my good friend your right if your going to call them call them all. But you may not know this I hate these calls. This is football, the QB's take risks when they decided to play the sport. A Defensive end running full speed at a QB to nail him is like stopping a frieight train on a dime it does not happen. It is tackle football after all. Let the men play football please do not become another NHL with no hitting.

Isn't it sad that even even after the man who got hit said it was a clean hit there are people who still whine about it hit just because it was a rider player who delivered it.