No Pressure

did anybody see any pressure on the qb's last game?? our d-line looked invisible.

Two sacks ( 1 for Mariuz and Dunbrack each).

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I recall Collier and Bekasiuk both blew up plays for losses. It may not have been a prime performance, but I think the vanilla nature of the schemes contributed to it not being a blitz and hammer fest.

The league doesn't post "hurry" stats, so pressure is harder to measure than in the NFL, for example.

Oski Wee Wee,

Bekasiak was being double-teamed most of the time but he has a "Motor".Wayne, Gibson, Dunbrack and Reid were strong up the middle.Don't forget that Loesher didn't play and he is our speed outside rusher.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I didn't see to much PSI but hey agreed Loesher wasn't in there I think he will be the warrior of our D line and the leader. :rockin: "Like a pack of dogs chasing a pork chop on a string"

Listen in this league you need more than 2 sacks(versus the backups I might add),,Montreal BC..etc they always lead the league..Its why they are in the grey cup or contending every year..I love the ticats,but we have been very poor in this area the last couple of years...