No Pregame Show

Aaaand no post-game after an exciting day of Playoff Football.

Right to Football Night in America.

I'm glad. I don't need a post-game wrap up. All I need is a stiff drink.

It would be nice if they had a pregame for the playoffs maybe for the Grey Cup they could do a 5 minute show on TSN2

My wife just walked in the door with a 40 of RYE ! I will be there in 14 hrs, get ice !

:lol: Nice!

Exactly, I've heard huge NFL fans say they just want the game, they don't listen to 4 hour pre Super Bowl stuff. There's a reason NFL network is basically a thrown in with most cable packages, analysis by paralysis just don't sell too much.

Sometimes you just wonder what the hell country are we living in.
Who cares about the NFL, the majority rules and this is CFL country.

TSN is privately owned, they can do what they want. They do every CFL game and people still crying and bitching. Guess what, the NFL is a very lucrative business and that's there right to cover it. So, they should just depend on the CFL to keep them in business ? :roll: :roll:

So profit over rules loyalty of ones country?
Even though the CFL makes the network more money than the NFL.

Yes, or they go broke and off the air. :roll:
They have done more for the cfl than CBC ever came close to doing. CBC only did games after labour day, and not all of them. So you may not see your team play that week ? TSN has given the league much needed tv revenue that cbc never came close to matching. Which helped the league out of some tough spots. They advertise THE CFL like crazy, have 2 full time broadcast crews, a great half time show , help out in the community and charities and have led TO A HUGE INREASE IN POPULARITY IN THE LEAGUE, which help every teams bottom line. THEY DO EVERY GAME ! Can't believe how some people can be so ungrateful ? Very sad, to cry over needing a longer pre game show. SAD ! Turn your radio on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not ungrateful, we are or some of us are questioning this decision when last year there was an one hour pre game show during the semis and regional finals. And especially since it would lead up to the game and who watches the NFL pre game which by the way is on every boring Sunday.
Explain that and how our playoffs do not trump even the boring regular season No Fun League?

People also need to realize that TSNs coverage of the CFL is not of good fate, just look at the numbers. TSN know theyre ripping the CFL off. I just hate seeing posts talk about how TSN`s being lovey dovey with the CFL...those times have passed.

They do a good job, for the same reason they do a good job for the NHL; ratings.

All you need is 10 minutes pre game for 1 game, that's all the nfl teams get, if their lucky. Today, Tsn did the 10 minute intro and would have had at least another 10 for the stamps game, but ot got in the way. If people noticed tsn moved the start to the stamps game to 3 30 cen time to make sure , they got the start of the game. Where are the props to tsn for that ???

Isn't my answer sufficient, if not look at geroy's posting above which makes just as much sense.

Not only does TSN not give them a pregame show for their biggest games of the year, but outside of the actual games and the odd Sportsdesk story, the CFL gets next to no coverage on that network.

I mean you watch that laughable Dave Hodge Reporters show, and its like pulling teeth to get them to talk CFL.
In fact most of the times its in a negative fashion. Always nitpicking.
But oh they can talk for hours about baseball.

And all the other shows they have on there are American based. So no mention of the CFL there.
I mean couldn't TSN have a CFL show to recap the weeks events, etc etc?
Hosted by Glen Suitor and Duane Forde?
Or have the panel on Sportsdesk more often to discuss CFL issues?

I mean a little promotion guys.
It seems like most of the time TSN treats the CFL like the ugly duckling for some reason.

TSN is obviously happy with their CFL package and the ratings back that up. If People are not happy, start your own network and out bid TSN. So , get over it and enjoy the fact you can watch every CFL game played. You want a recap, PVR it, tape it, watch tsn 2 for the repeat or listen to the local radio broadcast, they usually a hour before and after. Why does TSN have to do the pre game ? Why can't a local tv station do the pre game, or a sportsnet channel, or the score, and god forbid CBC ?

The sports networks have become what the other networks have become. National/local news fill in with some other cheap Canadian content and buy american programming. I would rather have a post game show with what the players and coaches have to say. Im sure they spread the games out an extra half hour cause they know they go well over 3 hours with the added commercials and the challenges.

the radio stations give better cfl coverage and interviews(outside the actual game). even the ones owend by rogers. Mike richards in calgary is awesome for cfl. CHeck out the webise good interview with warren moon a coupel weeks ago. lots fo good stuff with sholtz and dunnigan. he gives the best attention to the cfl i have seen(well heard) in my lifetime. treats it like it should be. a REAL PRO LEAGUE.

Dave Hodge has a personal grudge agains't the CFL from what I've heard. And they have to talk baseball because it's a dying spectator sport in Canada and that bugs a lot of the reporters out there who are big baseball fans and has to bug them with the CFL how much more popular it is nation-wide than MLB. I don't mind baseball from time to time but too many games with not enough pizzaz and only 1 Canadian team in MLB that MLB doesn't care about, it's really about the Yanks, Red Sox and White Sox and a couple other teams.

I thought this was interesting... Sports Centre did its Highlight of the Night, and I thought for sure it'd be from the Patriots-Colts game... but it wasn't. It was the Glenn TD pass to Stala.