No Pregame Show

Pretty sad that TSN isn't having a pregame show before the plyoff games today... I guess Sunday NFL Countdown is more important! Good work TSN

It's called a radio and the game doesn't start right at 1 est, so TSN will have something before. TSN needs to make money , that's business. They have done every game this year and last year, that's fairly committed, i'm thinking !
TSN owed the CFL nothing and could have let the CBC continue to only broadcast half the games and pay the CFL half the money. The reason why the CFL has had stability the last few years is because of the TV contract between the league and TSN.

I would have thought they'd at least have a half hour show. They better have something next week for the Finals! :x

kasps, that's not commitment, that's a contract as you noted!

That's wrong, I recall last year there were one hour shows in the playoffs and before the GC.
I believe during the playoffs it was around 10:00am on Sunday.
So why not this year and surely the crap NFL pre game is totally unnecessary.

They may have contractual obligations , that we don't know about. What they could do is have a half an hour or hour show during the week. Instead having to listen to some loud mouth talk about u.s college football for a whole hour.

they couldn't arrange their schedule to have a 30 min preview? did they not try hard enough?

Last years games were on Saturday !!! Grey Cup starts at 5 cen time, so they can start their pregame 5 hours before kick off if they want to.

Pre game show on right now !
For only one game ,is the perfect amount of time. I wish the CFL had 32 teams and it would take 2 hrs to get through all the games !

Damn those TSN guys... guess we better go crawling back to the CBC! Now those guys appreciated the League!!!

You're out to lunch Kasps.
There should have been a half hour pre game show.
Why show the NFL pregame show before the most important CFL games of the year so far?
How does that help setup the CFL games?
Or is TSN/CTV more worried about pumping up their NFL audience?

I mean we get a five minute pregame for HamiltonBC?
Then when thats over, its right to EdmontonCalgary.
So we get five minutes for the two most impotant games of the year.
And 90 minutes for games TSN doesn't even cover.

How ridiculous is that?

Most important games of the year? So I guess the Division Finals and Grey Cup mean nothing...? Now who's out to lunch? :wink:

Once again Chief.
You just don't understanding business and marketing.

I guess not. What a shame. :frowning:

10 Minutes for 1 game is fine plus halftime ? TSN does have other obligations ? What do you want , See them shower :lol:
If you don't like it , don't watch TSN !

he did say "so far" if you look..

I don't know Kasps.
A 2 hour pregame show for the NFL.
When it has absolutely nothing to do with us.
Thats a bit of overkill wouldn't you say?

And you make it sound like the CFL should be grateful anybody shows their games?
I think the almost 1 million viewers a game this league gets should get them a bit more
And I bet you the game today probably did well over one million. Maybe 1.5.

TSN better treat the CFL right.
Because next Tv contract they'll be back in line bidding.
And they better have a big cheque with them.

It's about game ratings and last time I checked, CFL games doing not to bad agains't "the bigs". Let TSN do their job, please, as long as they are committed to the CFL as they have shown. Fact is, they don't have to pay NFL numbers because NFL says "here's the price for our games, take it or leave it". With CBC the only other network competing (Sportsnet not interested in CFL or Score and both aren't big-time US networks of course and wouldn't be able to give much), and CBC not having the money or committement for the CFL, let's not be too critical of our very good friends at TSN.

TSN would likely get higher ratings for a CFL pre-game show over the NFL show, as CFL games get higher ratings. It’s not like TSN viewers would be deprived of NFL coverage, as NFL hype is available on 10 other channels.

It’s just laziness on TSN’s part. It takes effort and costs them money to broadcast a CFL pregame, while they can just flip the switch and simulcast an American NFL channel…and get their rating points…although their combined ratings are still lower than the CFL’s.

This also helps Globemedia’s corporate goal of promoting the NFL in Canada…and oh yes, they broadcast Canadian football, too…just as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the NFL juggernaut. :roll: