No preferred route to the Canadian Football League for these QBs

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If anything, it keeps these three guys tuned into the mindset that they will have to continue to prove themselves every game, at least for a while. And there is no magic number for when everyone feels that "this guy" is legitimate. Sometimes, for some, it takes a specific professional trophy. For others, it's winning a game - on their own - that they should have lost, like Henry Burris, Tom Clements, Steve Young, or John Elway for example.

The cream always rises to the top, and with perseverance, people will notice, and opportunities will open up. Just ask Hank Ilesic. That perseverance is part of that cream.

We are not used to thinking a Canadian QB is a thing, and right now we have three of them. So that's another thing that we fans have to adjust our eyes to as well.

O'Connor is for real with his abilities. Rourke is opening people up to the idea of not only having a starting Canadian playing quarter-back but a good one as well. And no one will close the doors on Tre Ford's opportunities even if EE decides he's not a good fit for them. I'd take him in a heartbeat if EE eve made him available.

Sometimes nationality doesn't matter or make things logical to what we are used to. It's fun when the status quo gets shaken.

Different routes to the same destination, let's hope all 3 of these guys play in the CFL for years.


I'm confident we are past hope. If they can stay healthy I don't foresee any of them being unemployed in the CFL any time soon.

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Honestly if your canadian QB and didnt get drafted or signed, your best bet is the IFL or NAL i know most people hate indoor football being braught up, but with coverage on youtube and with some teams having a good follow, plus the rules are more canadian like with slot receiver's and more motion, it would help with staying in competitive shape, and if you win a united bowl or lead the league in stats you will be notice by cfl teams and msot of them follow indoor teams social media acounts, ive always wonderd what would happen if the cfl used us indoor football as a feeder system,

It would be nice though to have an experienced QB in Edmonton to help Ford along....