No Pre-season game this year

Since Touchdown Atlantic this year will count as the 'Gades home pre-season game, we don't have one at FCS. I'm still paying the same amount for for my season tickets for 9 games as I would for 10. Is there any kind of rebate coming? It's not a big deal but the tickets were bought & paid for based on 10 games.

should be! and they money that they make in Halifax would be more than they would in Ottawa this preseason I'm sorry to say, so some money should go to the ticket holders.

I don't think they said 10 games, in fact I think they did say 9 games for this season because they knew they wouldn't have a home exhibition.
No loss in my eyes (unless you were promised 10 games).
Exhibitions should be free, or at least 75% cheaper than regular games to bring in possible new fans.

Ranekrules, bingo you are right on with your comments. I was made believe the same thing when I renewed, not going to complain over 1 game when they offered me 2 for 1.

I was told it would be for 9 games as well. No loss considering the ticket prices.

You guys are correct. I found my letter from Lonie which states "Please note that in 2006 your season ticket package will include all nine regular season games, as the pre season game will be played on the road outside of Ottawa."