No post mode specified

Am I the only one with that problem?

I type a reply to a post, then click on submit… and get a “No post mode specified” message. If I click back to retry, it says something like “Unavailable: This page expired.” So I just lose what I wrote. I’m getting tired of losing time writing messages that won’t be posted.

It happens way too often. It started about 10 days ago and is becoming more and more frequent. Anybody else has that problem?

Ive never had that problem and if nobody eklse has either check your internet connection…or clean your computer…You could have some virus or tom much spyware who knows but if nobodys else is having that problem then check your computer is my advice or internet connection and providor.

used to happen to me all the time… not anymore, just fixed itself eventually

Try updating your “Windows”.

Its never happened to me but what I usually do is type my posts into MS word first. Its is much easier to edit the text and what not.
When I am happy with my post I copy and paste it in here.
At least this was you wont lose your work because you will still have it in word.