no player awards on tv??

i just remembered about 8:30pm. now maybe i missed it but i think i tried every station i have and i couldn't find it anywhere.

were they on? will it be broadcast on tape delay?

if they weren't, that's not very good pr for the league. if they were on then i'll be banging my head against the wall all night. :x

<------big sctv fan.

I could be wrong, but I saw nothing in the local media specifying a time for a telecast of the awards.

If this is true, the CFL is more bush than I thought.

Luckily, the NFL is getting into high gear now and we can take some solace from watching anything and everything from the BIG LEAGUE.

I just saw today that on they are on TSN tomorrow (Sunday) at either 2:30 or 3:30 eastern, i cannot remember exactly! But they are playing them.

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CFL Countdown

* Get all the latest news and analysis on the Grey Cup with the CFL on TSN panel, Saturday at 7pm et/4pm pt.
  On Sunday, the panel will be live from the field on game-day at Rogers Centre in Toronto at 9am et/6am pt. [b]Then, catch the Rogers [u]CFL Player Awards at 3pm et/Noon[/u] pt.[/b]

I'm not interested in history that I have already seen in the audio and written media.

I prefer news as it happens, particularly when it involves an event as big as player awards.

Up until a few years ago, we could count on seeing these events while they were in progress. It appears that the league has regressed on this one. Too bad!