No pink for you!

They will have to look at this in the offseason for sure. I'm somewhat disappointed that the league couldn't be a bit more flexible here but I guess rules are rules. :?

Toronto Argonaut told no pink tribute to grandmother

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They cant stop him from getting a very visable pink tattoo.

I can sum up how I feel with two words... that's stupid.

And I hope he does have some tattoo and shows it off big-time. The league can't stop that I don't think. I hope the league makes up for this with some PR marketing with breast cancer because this could not be good with the PR image. :o

Just wear pink tape, and if you can't find any, just color your tape with pink highlighter.

There has already been a team that wore pink uniforms. The Stampeders had an equipment person who threw their red sweaters in the wash with their white sweaters and the result was the white sweaters came out pink and they could not get replacements in time for the game and played one game with pink uniforms. So a precedent has been set.

Nonetheless, shame on the league governors.

Any idea where I can email my displeasure with this ruling?

In the TiCats forum there are some good posts about why the league is not doing a bad thing in this case.

Also just read this from an online breast forum:

As someone in remission from breast cancer, I’m not actually a supporter of BC Awareness month and all the pink crap that goes along with it. I lean more towards the Think Before You Pink and Pink Stinks! campaigns, which were started by women with breast cancer too.

I have also heard things along this, a lot of money is going into the creation of pink things, as opposed to preventing and curing Breast Cancer.

I would buy into this except for one fact.

This is a guy wanting to do this as a tribute to his Grandmother, not any corporate thing. It is no different that a team or person wearing a black arm band, which has been allowed on many occasions.

I completely agree, he wants his grandmother to see his support for her which can't be too much to ask.

If they agree to this, then lots of players might want to do it for their loved ones for another disease, another cause etc. and then if they deny one later because it's a problem allowing this one and some others to go ahead, all hell will break loose.
I have come to the conclusion the CFL is going the best thing and I'm sure they have told him to show some pink anyways type of thing, sort of we won't be watching or cause any trouble if you do it.

I disagree that an exception should be made for one player's family member. If you do it once then a precedent has be set and it's much harder to say no the next time some other player wants to wear an off-uniform colour for some personal reason.

It needs to be an all-or-nothing, league-wide standard, or you end up with no standard at all.

I'm all for worthy causes, but I'm also for standing your ground, putting your foot down and saying no when an exception needs to be made that could have future negative repercussions. Kudos to the league for doing that.

As for the league doing the copy-cat dance and going pink because the NFL did, well, this is OUR league dammit. Choose some other cause - there are plenty to go around.

As for black armbands, aren't those usually reserved for the honour of a revered league contributer?

As a female I just want to say that if its the CFL's rules, its the CFL's rules, if he feels strongly about it, well, maybe he can petiton to change the rules.. We had an interesting sermon about this at church last sunday.. People in athority are Gods spokesmen on earth. Therefore, we do not pick and choose the rules we want to follow. Its not what the rule is, its who is giving you the rule.. You can question the rules, vote out establishment you dont agree with, etc, but while in authority, you follow the rules.... Found that an interesting concept..

Its not the what...its the who....

Really? That’s a scary thought to me. terrifying actually that any would accept authority based on that. History is littered with this concept causing everything from unkindness to genocide. Or am I misinterpreting your comment here?

That was explained too.. if someone is doing something evil.. you go to the higher authority..If your father tells you to rob a bank, you go to the police, if the police are abusing you, go to the government, if the government is asking you to go against Gods teachings, go to God.. you dont have to do something that is against Gods teachings.

I see what you're all saying but a player wearing an off color wrist band doesn't seem like chaos to me.

I don't agree with this at all. If that were the case you as a female would still not be allowed to vote to get things changed.

how is that... The sufferage movement worked to get the law changed. They didnt vote when they couldnt..
it does not say to not question authority and try to change rules/laws.. it says follow the law until the law is changed.

I may not be so good at explaining it.. But it makes sense..
If you heard it... you would get it...

There are rumours on Riderfans that Chunky Adams is going to wear pink on Sunday regardless, and if the CFL fines him Rawlco Radio has agreed to pay the fines.