No Pinball In Hall???

It's hard to disagree with Steve Simmons. Pinball Clemons should be in the Hall Of Fame. So too, Leo Cahill. Anti-Toronto voting....

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Let the crying begin :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Sure he deserves to be in the Canadin Football Hall of Fame; but only after he retires from football. He ain't done that yet.

That’s it He Still Active as a Coach…
Once he Becomes Mayor of Toronto then maybe

I disagree....he should be in the Hall. It doesnt matter if he is a current coach. There are many players in the Hall that were still involved as coaches, GM's, etc. As much as I hate Toronto, Pinball was a great player, good coach and excellent ambassador to the CFL.

he'll be in there when he retires as a player and coach. he was awesome for the cfl.

Pinball belongs in the hall. That being said to give any credence to Simmon,s outrageous claim of a Anti Toronto bias in the C.F.L. is a joke.What other Team can obliterate the cap with impunity? What other team can get preferential one team only Flutie exemptions? What other team is permitted to 'Wiggle' out of playoff dates?

Lancaster is in the hall of fame? I suppose he was inducted before he got into coaching?

Pinball should be in NOW!!! as a player. Whatever he does or does not accomplish as a coach in the years to come is an entirely different matter. To be honest, he hasn't done nearly enough as a coach to even be considered for the HOF but as player, he should be in already.

An Argo fan

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Lancaster was inducted during his time as an analyst with CBC.

This comment is "RIGHT ON THE $"

To be a HOFer you need to have a specific distance from the game and Pinball isn't......yet.
When he does get in, he'll be added into the HOF as Player / Coach. I'll put $ on it.


Its kinda funny or just simply ironic how the grey cup is in toronto and pinball was forgotten!LOL wait for next year!

...Turning around a pathetic franchise (on and off the field) and then winning the Grey Cup within 2 years, with a team that had no business even making the show?

I do see your point, but Pinball's HOF career should in no way diminish his demonstrated genius as a coach.

There’s no bigger fan of Pinball than me but 1 Grey Cup as a coach doesn’t get you into the HOF in the coaches category in my book. For me, the jury is still out on whether he’s a coaching genius or not. Yes he won the Cup shortly after becoming the HC but some of that was due to the “novelty factor”–new face, new ideas, new plays, etc. Can he do it again? and again? In other words, can he do a Wally Buono or a Don Matthews? Their winning records over many years is what will get them into the HOF. If coaches can be called geniuses, there are 2 guys who fit the decription.

But really that’s beside the point because Pinball’s player stats should have gotten him in at the first opportunity. The fact that he’s still an active CFL coach should have nothing to do with his eligibility to the HOF as a player. Lancaster for one is in the HOF AND he coached last year.

An Argo fan

Pinball should be in, but I think Steve Simmons is just going after crocodile tears. He's almost as bad as the punk who's renamed the Good Team "Balsam Street Bengals".


I have been a CFL FOOTBALL fanatic for 40 yrs now, however, this pure assinine insult to pinbal proves that the league admin is a joke. When they finally do get around to nominating Pinball, he should tell them to stick it, even though I know he has too much class to do so. These HOF voters should all be run outta canada because only a brainless russian spy could fail to immediatly put Pinball in already.

A big part of the induction process involves looking at the players career, and Pinballs not done writing his yet. Another big factor is the persons availability for the various functions that make up an induction. It's no slight to Pinball at all, and He will be there one day for sure. Hey it's not the Hall of Fames fault if the Argos have failed to produce any keepers!

Pinball will get in. So he didn't make it the first time out, who cares. In 100 years no one is going to care whether he got in the first year of eligibility. He was a phenomenal player and he set the record for most combined yards in a season, and then promptly broke his own record. He was an amazing kick return guy, always a threat to score; he started as a RB and was great, moved to SB and was great...he's a Hall of Famer. Just because the voters didn't put him in doesn't mean he won't get there. I can't really argue any of the other choices for this year's hall inductions.

One Hall of Fame note I will make is that I wouldn't be surprised if the voters fast track whichever "Top 50 players" who aren't already in the Hall.