No Paper Tickets

I received an Email today that says all tickets will be accessed ONLY by mobile phone.

That is going to be a bit of a PITA
I have 2 tickets in my account, mine and a friend, I used to just give him his tickets and be done with it. Now he has to be with me at the stadium entrance while I have both tickets scanned. I can transfer them to him but he is older and I wonder if he has the Tech Savy to do it

Another friend does not have a cell phone....I have no idea what he is going to


Yah I don't agree with that phone only policy it now depends on your phone's ability with it's provider . Now if your provider goes on the brink how do you get into the stadium . My provider has had many problems so nothing beats hard copy . No excuse it's still no touch scanning a code on paper .

Plus I find it much easier to send a ticket to a friend who could then print it off .

Even though I am not tech adverse I don't use e mail on my phone .


Furthermore, IGF in Winnipeg is a cashless facility now. You can't get a beer or popcorn or ANYTHING unless you have a card.

I don't want to drag this thread into economics but this is a very very bad trend.

I also hate that everything is ticketmaster now and ticketmaster is a horrible company with zero customer service.


Last season, we had 1 plastic card that was good for every game!

Season ticket holders depending on years as a member get from 5 to 20% discount on concessions!
You were able to link your season ticket card to you credit card and when ever you bought something you would scan your ticket, the discount would be applied and you credit card would be charged
Thats over I guess

Here in Hamilton I share a pair of season tickets with my son . The problem though is that I don't have a cell phone and the tickets are both downloaded on his . He used to just print off my ticket and drop it off to me before the
game and I would meet him there .

Now with it going paperless the problem is that he's coming from the West end of the city to the THF and I'm coming in from the East end of the city . So now if I get to the park before him I have to wait until he shows up in order to gain entrance through the gates .

Another problem was that for convenience for gameday I usually just ride the city bus because luckily I have a bus stop right across the street from my house . On game day they have the Ti-Cat express which basically lets you ride to the game for free as long as you have a ticket . Well there was a few games last year (2019) where I'd run into a strictly by the rule book driver who wouldn't let me on the bus because I couldn't produce a ticket to show them as proof that I was going to the game even though I was dressed head to toe in team colors and gear and it was obvious where I was going .

I would explain that I had season tickets with my son and they were both on his phone and I was meeting him at the game . I wasn't the only person though who got this treatment as others did as well . Fortunately most times the other fans boarding the bus for the game would stick up for us and the driver would relent and let us on . Fortunately this only happened once or twice but holy cow what an unnecessary hassle .

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Been there with the same thing I don't want someone waiting for me so they can go ahead in with their copy .

Tech was a friend then but using only a phone is backwards thinking .

Know tons of people who still don't have them .


You don't need an internet connection for the ticket to work. While you're still at home and connected to wifi (or on Timmy's wifi) load up your ticket and take a screen shot. Then when you're at the gate load up the screen shot from your photo album and the ticket will scan fine.

I don't bother paying for data on my phone because in this day and age I'm within free wifi range everywhere I go except in my car where I don't need it anyway. However, wifi standing outside a building can be sketchy at times so I always screenshot the tickets. I've been doing this with curbside pickups in lockdown too, Canadian Tire always wants to scan a code to verify the transaction so I always have the screenshot ready instead of trusting their wifi to reach outside.


That's good advice .

I forgot I did that this year picking up things at Canadian tire during the lockdown .

I also printed it off as well but the scan seemed not always to work.

Same thing happened to me at Canadian Tire .

They then went inside and saw it on their end and gave me my item .

Nope....from the email

3. Select the game and present your ticket:

Press the ticket icon to produce your ticket as a QR code and present it at the stadium entrance to enter.

IMPORTANT: You cannot take a screenshot of your ticket and text it, it will not work.

Eh, that doesn't make sense. It's always worked for me and the screenshot should be an exact duplicate of what's present on the screen in the ticket app. I could understand it not working if the photo albums brightness settings aren't set bright enough, but that's easily fixed. Nah, I'm calling BS on that warning not to use screenshots. Probably someone did it wrong and instead of troubleshooting the issue properly and warning people "increase your brightness" they said "better warn them it doesn't work". :confused:

Yeah I'm sure you know better than the people who designed the system and deliberately told season ticket holders NOT to use screen shots

Fair enough. I've been thinking on it more and was just about to say that I could just be the lucky one whose phone works on their system. They can't test their system on every phone on the market.

There could also be a timestamp hidden in the QR code that causes it to expire after x minutes requiring a new one be generated, so only screenshots within x minutes work. Good yet frustrating way to prevent digital scalping.

I'll think on it more and try to find out why mine works and see if I can relay any better advice.

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The Québec government just announced that there will be a vaccine passeport. I wonder if people will have to be vaccinated to attend Als' games.

I think this is actually exactly how "Ticketmaster Secure" or whatever it's called works: The QR code effectively expires after some minutes. But maybe it's like 2 hours so a screenshot will be okay?

They specifically told us a screen shot wont wok

I hope so but I cannot see it taking effect for a few months

I've a bit of insider info here; there is a time expiry in the QR code, so the screenshot you take at 2 PM will work until 2:15 PM and then you'd need to take a new one. I just don't know how long that expiry window is.

Well I would say short enough that they warn us it won't work

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But based on what you are saying...
Lets say I open it up before I leave home and leave it open. If it is longer than the window, it won't work. I assume I would have to close it and re-open it and it would work

Seems to me this cold have been avoided by using a barcode and not a QRcode


The obvious reason is you could share the code