No overnight replay of SSK vs EDM on TSN

I'm frustrated that the Toronto Sports Network didn't rebroadcast the Riders vs Elks game overnight on any of their five channels. They've replayed just about every other game this season. Meanwhile, they replayed the Craptors game THREE TIMES IN A ROW on one of their channels...


I'd prefer it if they stopped doing replays completely and dedicate those time slots to sports and leagues that they've been ignoring. Women's hockey collapsed in Canada because the Powers That Be think it's more important to play the same game 3 times in 24 hours in the era of PVRs.

I'm looking forward to watching the Toronto Six vs Connecticut Whale next Saturday @ 2pm... on :roll_eyes:

It's not just women's leagues, those time slots could easily be put to good use broadcasting USports football as well.


Nobody watches women's hockey unless it's the Olympics. They don't hit in their game which is a part of the game

It’s being re-aired again right now.

Don't they replay enough Sask games?

All the more reason that the CFL has it's own network like the NFL does. I don't understand how the NFL Network got on Canadian cable system without any Canadian content or hosts on it's network. The CRTC asleep at the switch again