No Ottawa in 2008

Ottawa is Dead ...RIP

Can't ANYONE like Bob Young (smart, rich and dedicated) swoop in and ressurect the Gades? This Palmer clown (who also fathered a clown) isn't the answer. I feel sorry for the fans of Ottawa.

Bob isn't stupid, Ottawa city council only want it their way, no give and take, they want football out of Lansdowne, why would anyone in their right mind want to invest in football in Ottawa? But they have that nice $17 mill AAA baseball stadium without a team soon. Hmmm, good place to stay away from, the Sens with a few bad years, they'll be gone as well.

The Sad Truth is The Land The Stadium Sit on is worth Millions..
That why no Football Will Every be Play on it Again

They want Sell the Land For Million and Lots in Property Taxes..

Why don't they just do what they have to do, tear the stadium down and turn the park into condos to keep everyone happy. Get on with it now Ottawa, we know your game plan.

Face it Ottawa Dose not want CFL Football
They Happy with their hockey Till they Start to lose..
Ottawa seem to me to be a band Wagon City
Full of Liers and Cheats ..
From City Hall to Parliment Hill..

The CFL is better off with Out Ottawa.

A couple of bad years for the Sens and they could be gone like the AAA team. It's a town I would stay away from if I was interested in sports. But the commish has to say we are still entertaining new proposals etc. Until the bulldozers start up that is.

There are two universities with football teams in Ottawa. If I was an administrator at either one, I would be calling potential team investors to renovate my stadium to CFL quality in exchange for low or no rent, and line up a national advertiser to sponsor the stadium itself in exchange for national TV exposure through game broadcasts. If Montreal and Calgary can do it, why can't Ottawa?

Landsdown Park is in a great part of the city, but the University of Ottawa is within walking distance of the ByWard Market. Is there sufficient space there for a CFL stadium? If not, what is the field like at Carleton?

Huh! No!

Carleton, like so many "soccer mom" institutions these days, canned football long ago, HA1912GCC!!!

Ottawa SUCKS! As a city and as a sports town! Their fans are among the most fickle and arrogant bunch in all of pro sports!

Usually, if you wear visiting team colours to a game you're subjected to some good-natured ribbing... fair enough!

In ottawa, whether it be at Lansdowne or Kanata, the jabs are extremely bad-natured and go beyond the "fun" thing! The whole city is so pissed-off that is isn't Toronto - you can feel it!

It's always been that way... they'll never get over it! Keep it as a prententious, remote, Government outpost and put a team in Halifax!

End O' Story!

Can I take a wild guess that you are a Leafs fan? You are right, I have never met an arrogant and obnoxious Leaf fan, especially towards the Senators, never in my life! :roll:

I thought this topic was about CFL football in Ottawa, not to slight our nation's capital.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood is calling, he wants you to Relax. :wink:

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This sucks, there are some very dedicated CFL fans in Ottawa,(Dickie our buddy is one of them.)and it's not right they don't have a team.

CFL is part of Canadian culture. Unfortunately it's viewed by the powers that be as part of blue collar culture and therefor is not valued by the corporate sector. Who by the way influences many decisions through lobbying and back deals in our governments.

If the powers that be saw the positive financial and social benefits of having a team thee there would be a team there. Unfortunately they are blind.

This simply sucks for Ottawa CFL fans....Ottawanians let your municiple government know you aren't happy!

Well now this opens the door for Halifax and Quebec City to be given teams. Let's get it done.

My CFL includes Ottawa!

Good post Jare, and yes, people have to let the politicians know how they feel without a doubt.

Too bad. Ottawa had some great teams in the past. In any event the Glieberman's should never be allowed to step foot on Canadian soil.

Secondly, Ottawa city council sounds alot like Hamilton city council. Not too bright. Posturing for bigger and better things at Queen's Park or even Ottawa. Nothing but a bunch of gas bags. We could solve the gas price problem if we could harness the hot air gas that flows out of the their yaps.

Last but not least, NO OTHER city anywhere in this world would want to be like Toronto.

My View.........................

Give it to the beerman. What is wrong with the beer man. The BoG's to ashamed to sit with a working man. Bob if you read this ,I hope some day we can all learn why he was denied.

I think Ottawa has some very dedicated CFL fans, I was down there recently and was actually wearing my Ti-cat hat in a bar and had a good conversation with some down to earth Gades fans who couldn't wait for CFL to start up.

I think more of less some of the above posts are correct. Alot of Ottawa is band wagon fans only interested if the team is winning, there are a few diehard Sens fans and Gades fans that stick by their teams no matter what and as a sports fan (I am a leafs fan) I respect those kind of fans. The ones that win or lose they stand by their teams..and being a leafs fan and a tabbies fan I am forced to be that fan..

I remember when the Sens were a struggling team they couldn't fill the stadium if they gave tickets away..and that made me sick..made me wonder if THEY could get a team...Hamilton could..(not starting the debate)

It wasn't until they started winning that the Sens started drawing a crowd, I hope Ottawa realized how lucky they are to have a NHL team because they sure gave up on their CFL team and as a Hamiltonian I LOVE that my city has the Ti-Cats I wouldn't trade em for anything in the world..

Best of luck to the true Gades/Rider fans in Ottawa I hope to see you guys get your team.

Lets hope some rich fisherman is putting together a bid right now to bring a team to Halifax.

Once again the powers that b think of what's good for themselves b4 whats good for the the league. The BOG's chose peril instead of redemtion. Whatever happened to strenght in #'s. Now the league that has been & will continue to be plauged with franchise facing collapse will have one less voice to come to their aid. My 1st thought was when Ham.- Tor.- Cal. to name a few recent ones(or any other team), r in the same position as Ottawa (was to raise my pint & celebrate as ur team dies. But that would not b fair to the only ones who truly love this game, THE FANS. Please don't give that stuff about Ottawa having 3 chances. The Gliebs x2 & Watters. That was the BOG`s looking out for themselves . Not the League. I am glad I waited to renew my Ti-cat season tickets. (5 in all). This League will NEVER get another cent outta me. I was thinking about going to the home opener with a banner of protest. that would give them $15 which they do not deserve. After 25 yrs of being a die hard fan of the CFL & Ottawa Football I HAVE HAD IT...........GOOD-BYE

The Renegades franchise was folded after four seasons under the ownership of Bernie and Lonnie Glieberman.
Umm...the Gliebermans were there one year.

WAKE UP :roll:

Oops. My bad. Where did Carleton play, though? Did they play at Landsdown or did they have a field on campus? If they had a field, is that also gone?

As a Ticat fan who has lived in Ottawa, I must say I never encountered hostility when wearing the colours around town. And I wear a TC ball cap almost every day. If anything, I found Ottawa football fans ready and willing to commiserate over the CFL's fortunes. Outside of Wellington and Sparks, there are many Ottawa neighbourhoods remarkably like Hamilton neighbourhoods. I've felt the same way in Winnipeg. Just a personal observation.

I think the only place I have ever been ripped for wearing a Cats sweater was in Richmond Hill at a sports bar..and it was by a guy wearing an Argos was good natured though and we had a few beers together after that..Ottawa has some great fans.