No Ottawa Franchise in '07

It appears as if Ottawa will not have a team next year.

Here is the TSN link for the report.

Sad news. I sure hope they manage to sort out a decent schedule with 8 teams next year. This year was a joke. I bleed for the Ottawa fans. So much BS…

It's Better They Take there Time ..
Cause if They Bosh it this time football is Done in Ottawa..

Wish there was going to be a team in Ottawa in '07. Oh well, lets get the right ownership in place for 2008.

This season has been terrible without Ottawa.
The Renegades would easily have been the class of the East this year if they had been kept alive by the league. I think the fans would have come back in 07 after a successful 06.

The problem now in Ottawa is that if you wait until 08 the interest in the CFL will not be there. They should have pushed for 07, they should be selling season tickets now.

Rush it and The Team will Fold Quickly..
Sometimes Slow and Steady Wins the Day

issues going on in Ottawa, good decision by the CFL it seems:

"...Once the new city council is sworn in following the November municipal elections, it should move quickly to determine what improvements are necessary to put some shine back into a major property it owns. Except for the new turf field, the place is old and dirty. It needs modern washrooms and concession areas, and new seating, too. More is needed, but at least that would be a decent start for the first season of a new football team. Yes, it will take money to fix, but so does every infrastructure eventually.

The good thing for the city is that the CFL's decision has bought it some time in bringing the stadium up to standard. If that's done, and all the other pieces fall into place, Ottawa's next football team should be safe and sound."

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Everything else being equal, I hope that when the Gades do return, the owners will be one of the two Canadian applicants. I think the Canadians would have more of a vested interest in the team's success since it would reflect badly on their other businesses if the team should go under again. An American owner could care less how he'd be perceived back home if his Ottawa venture flopped.

An Argo fan

That is so city should have to lose their team. Hopefully they will be back soon, or maybe a team in Halifax?

couldn’t agree more, I’d wait another 2 years to get a stable well run organization back in Ottawa. I don’t want the same thing to happen again but next time they never return.

I would love to see Halifax get a team as well, eastcoast needs to be touched by the CFL bug.

I wonder if the CFL will consider doing one or two exibition games in Ottawa to keep the interest alive.

I realistically did not expect a team in 07. The logistics of organizing a solid business plan would have been hard to do correctly.

At least this will put to rest all of the armchair GM's on this site with the endless speculation of who we should leave "available for the expansion draft" posts.

That a Great Idea…