No OTT Fans at Airport for Redblacks

Melanie Adams ?@MelAdams1310 4h4 hours ago
We're expecting #redblacks to land in 10 minutes. No fans here to greet them. #ottnews #ottsports @1310NEWS

Melanie Adams ?@MelAdams1310 3h3 hours ago
No fans here, but airport crew are applauding as #redblacks get off plane. #ottnews #ottsports @1310news

no wonder Ottawa has trouble keeping a team.

totally disgracefull

booooo Ottawa

They’re busy welcoming Syrian regugees.

An Argo-Cat fan

actually, if that was true, it would make it ok.

That's awful, not even a quorum?

Not sure I've ever been to the Ottawa airport, so I can't judge. I was at the Hamilton airport when the Ti-Cats came back, but I couldn't for the life of me find where they got off.

Id like to judge BUMCRACK fans..but tbh i never went to the airport and it never even crossed my mind to go. :oops:

They took a bus to the Stadium and there was a ton of fans there, wonder why that was not reported

They landed at the Canada North hangars on the other side of the airport not at the main terminal building, it was a private charter. I doubt fans would have been allowed in that area of the airport even if they knew when and where they were landing.

I guess this means that Ottawa will now lose the team.......... :roll: :roll: you didn't mention the sold out arena where fans were watching the Grey Cup on the big screen.

This is a non-issue to me. It is just the way the team organized it. (Given airport security and parking it makes sense to me.) Ottawa fans have been great, last year and this year. Most importantly, they fill the park.


It seems strange that someone on the Ticat forum would post this. I just checked the news from last year and there were NO Ticat fans at the airport to greet the Ticats after the loss to the Stamps, CHCH did mention two dozen fans that met the team bus but it appeared they were family members there to pick up the players............... :oops:

Give us a link to the news that you checked. It would make for interesting reading. This is the only link I could find and it says there were fans there to greet the team.

Shame on you guys, you know we are not allowed to talk about the RedBlacks here in the Ticat forum. Were bad fans here in Hamilton. :lol:

I just checked out the Redblack forum and it seems we are getting trashed, lol.

Well, I don't care what they think anyway. Personally, I'm not gutless and would say anything on a forum to their face :cowboy: .

I don't make any apologies for sticking up for my team and will not feel guilty about being Pro-Ticat on a Ticat forum :smiley: .

For some saying, there are not intelligent people on this forum... you are absolutely wrong. Some of the most intelligent football fans reside in this forum.

You want to talk about whining. Hank is the biggest culprit. Dwelling on the fact that Austin released him for a younger QB. Let it go Henry, time to move on, this is professional sports.

What a bunch of windbags! They sure like the sound of their own voices! I almost fell asleep during the disertation on "intelligence" vs. "smarts".