No Oskee Chant last night? - Please fill me in

Was at the game last night & I only recall the chant being done once - before the opening kickoff.

Normally when the Cats are getting blown out, the chant still happens from time to time. But only once during a game?

Read some other posts & there was talk of maybe getting rid of the chant. I just got back from overseas, so I don't really know about that story.

If someone can fill me in, that would be great. If the chant is done, then so is my affiliation with the team. I haven't given up on the Cats - just this year's version of the Cats. The team is bad, and some things change, but classic traditions NEVER change.


The chant is not gone...there is just no context to do it in during game action most of the time...

YAY ROUGE!!! << see?

That is how bad it is.

Oski Wee Wee,

Section 7 did a rather rousing rendition of the Oski-wee-wee chant after every safety. Hey, a score is a score. For some reason, Ted Michaels on the Fifth Quarter called this cheering "derisive" ...

FYI, I think you must have read the thread where some folks were complaining about the Tiger-Cat Fight Song, which has part of the chant in it. I doubt anyone wants the chant itself to go away. If you didn't hear the chant itself last night, perhaps that means even Pigskin can't get enthusiastic about this team anymore.

I haven't seen the chant used much lately, not since the Calgary game.

I guess when the team is losing badly there is no point in having the chant.

It's hard to cheer when you're down by 30 or 40 points I guess.

It is hard to get a quorum of volunteers to cheer
when your team only scores ZERO to TWO points

by themselves in any of the last 3 home games

and allows 100 to be scored against them.