No one to blame but Durant today!

Durant killed this win for us! we should have had this game in the bag but he peed it away folks!

I'd say it was a mixture of Durant, poor special teams coverage, and our defence seemed to forget how to tackle and cover receivers in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Losing Chick didn't help and neither did poor spots and no calls from the refs we started off amazing on defence and special teams, then it seemed like every play were were losing someone to injury. But Durant sure did make poor throws and bad decisions. Even though he threw 0 Interceptions, and never fumbled. And is it just me, or does it seem like everytime Jyles goes in for 2nd or 3rd and inches, he either fumbles or gets stuffed? Now I know it was a bad spot but when you're that close it has to be automatic!

basically it starts at the QB.

if we had a QB that actually could be competitive, we could have got another 7 before that half ended.. and then a few of those poorly thrown passes would have been completed balls and the Esks would not have scored the points needed to win.

bottom line is the Riders need a QB NOW and the Riders management is not worried about it.

Ya I have been patient and willing to give durant a chance I know hes a young QB but I just dont see it in him anymore he cant seem to find recievers and he is to worried about throwing and interception he cant scramble I dont know what happened this game but something changed in Durant he is starting to look like.........gulp casey printers..... that hurt to say that it might be a good time to get mr ghrame harrel ready to go. Ill give Durant one more game before I lose complete hope in him and were up against calgary next week thats a tough D

NOW IM NOT STICKING UP FOR DD BUT the reffing crew really made some horrible calls today.... Jackson fumbles the punt reception, retrieves it and somehow we still get a no yards call????? also calling Dressler's pass imcomplete is unbelieveable... and on top of it the booth deciding not to review it??? ya we got screwed over today, would we have won? probably not, but its the principle that matters. I say it's Bell's turn to step up to the table, DD and SJ have had enough chances to show what they got, and frankly it ain't enough. IMO

This is exactly why people should not post when they are angry. The way we lost this game was terrible, but our defense, because of their inability to tackle allowed two big runs for touchdowns. Our special teams allowed a punt return for a touchdown. Sure Durant missed some passes, ones that should be completed, BUT the team lost the game not Durant. There were others who made major mistakes throughout the game.

We should have like a 5 hour rule or something like that after a loss so you have time to cool down a bit.

Uh, no. At least, I have to disagree. I don't think it was a pooly called game at all - maybe the odd missed call. Dressler didn't have it - I'm sorry to say. I didn't want to believe it but the replay showed that the ball squirted out at the hit by Mo and there wasn't possession long enough to survive that contact. If it was a wrong call, it was consistenly wrong with dozens of other similar catches/calls. On the punt return touchdown, I was sure I saw two blocks from the rear but, with great reluctance on seeing the replay, I had to admit that they just weren't there - reality didn't match with what I wanted to believe.

Even if it was, it cut both ways. I don't know how DD didn't get a grounding penalty once when he threw the ball out of bounds once, as it was clearly (to me, at least) behind the line of scrimmage.

Blaming the refs just doesn't reflect well on us as a fan base. We lost of our own accord and needed no help to do so.

Again, this whole offensive thing just seems like poorly constructed game plans. You don’t have the O Line that this playbook seems designed for. Where are the quick hitters, reverses and crap, that moves the football. Every passing play seems to be a play that is a 3 or 4 step drop, which is suppose to by the Q.B. time to SETTLE IN and wait for the play to develop. Problem is, even after the 5 yard drop, Durant is still swarmed rite from the get go by the D lineman/linebackers, whoever. Change the damn playbook to reflect the O line ineffectivness, and hope like hel l that Calgary shi ts the bed next week, or it could get reeeaaal ugly. This is more a coaching thing than a Q.B. thing. I wouldn’t want to ruin Bell or any Q.B. hopefull, putting them in with this playbook, as they would have no hope of being effective eighther. An elite Q.B. would have his hands full with this game plan.
Until the O line becomes healthy again, adjustments have to be made, and lets not even get started with our halftime adjustments. I bet we are outscored 4-1 in the 3rd quarter this year, all because of the 2 and outs that are common place for our 3rd quarter collapses this year.

Plenty of blame to go around. Miller needs to decide can Riders win the west with Durant. If he can let him keep playing. If he can't play the young qbs. I hope he makes the right decision.

I will need to look for the no yards call you refer to, but I suspect just as with the Dressler "reception" you are mistaken. Wes simply did not catch the ball. End of that controversy. Why didn't the booth review it? Has it occurred to you that they did, but because the officials had so obviously made the correct call, there was no point?
DD is not playing all that poorly, and blaming this game on him is ridiculous. Our o-line is not good, our receivers are not good, and DD is not some experienced veteran qB.
And like it or not people, take a 9 sack game out of the picture and what we have is a defence that is not getting to the qB and is averaging 36 points per game against. we scored 33 points today. Normally, when a team scores that many points and loses, some people at least consider the outside possibility that maybe, just maybe, the D didn't get it done. So much easier to point the finger at the QB though.....
Nobody wants to say it, but maybe we just aren't as good, or maybe Edmonton isn't as bad, as had been made out all week leading to this....

O-line is shaky.
Actually our receiving core is awesome.

Maybe DD could work on 3 step quick hitters , and timing routes...LIke the 103 yard 10 play drive , capped by a DD 18 yard run into the endzone.........

Maybe LaPolice calls a crap game plan and zero half time adj.

maybe 44 C. field temp. and no offense on 2nd half is a partial reason why our D line looks beat.

Maybe Cates needs a more versatile role, and not just " up the gut"

NO experienced backup Qb could step in for a couple of series so DD can re-group....... JJ Choke is no option.

I would agree completely with this post. Durant did make some poor throws, but there was also many many plays where he was scrambling for his life because our O-line isn't up to par right now. Lapolice seems to be running with the same gameplan we would use with a healthy O-line that would give our QB the time he needs to find the open receivers. Everytime we ran the ball it was telegraphed the other team as well.

Despite the struggles we had a chance to win the game, the offense will get better, I hear Geno is pretty close now which will help us out greatly.

alrighty fair enough all i know is when i saw the replay of dressler's play on the max tron it looked like it was 100% a complete catch. and as for Jacksons in all fairness i only saw it once.. but it sure looked like he touched it, then it bounced forward where he retrieved it.

I PVR'ed the game and one of the first things I checked when I got home was the Dressler pass at the end of the game. It certainly looked like an incomplete pass, there's maybe an outside shot that you could rule it as a catch and then fumble, but we'd be crying foul if they ruled this way for another team.

The only thing I think the officials missed this game was Tristan Jacksons first decent return right before Edmonton's first touchdown of the game, there was a very bad missed illegal block in the back that sprung the return, the contain guy was basically tackled from behind on the play.

Durant is not to blame for this loss. It was definitely a team effort. It isn't Durant's fault we have no running game: it isn't Durant's fault our coverage teams allow Edmonton to scrimage on the 40 yard after every punt or kickoff and we are at our 20; it's not Durant's fault our defense can't stop the run and it's definitely not Durant's fault we can't convert 3rd and inches when it means so much in the game. Our team has lots to work on and Durant definitely needs to improve but he is young and relatively inexperienced so we have to be patient with him and if the rest of the team sucks it up and performs we will be able to give him the time to develop into the QB so many fans feel he should be already.

stop making excuses for Durant!

he is inconsistent. he continues to throw passes too far, too wide and into the dirt! instead of hitting the receiver in the hands.

The defense two games in a row now has gone sour because our offense was unable to maintain a drive and allow the defense to recover from the last drive..

and ya sure, some of the play calling has been poor but there have been numerous times where the correct call has been made and Durant misses the receiver.. or throws it into the dirt! or throws to the WRONG receiver and it's picked off!

The offense and defense are both to blame.

The offense, for completely sputtering in the second half.

The defense, for going soft at the wrong time. Granted, they had injuries to deal with, but at some point they needed to force Edmonton into a two-and-out in the third quarter, and it didn't happen.

I am willing to be patient but we need to ask ourselfs is this a time issue with DD or is he gonna be the next MB. Agreed DD did not lose this game by ourselfs Cates has had maybe one decent run and up the gut everytime Charles played very well in game one and two why dont we give him a try for a few plays. Defence cannot tackle they just dive and hope for the best as for special teams I saw alot of what i thought were illegal blocks . Also stevie baggs seemed to be having trouble not the same speed we have seen out of him maybe an injury?

We don't have a running game and we don't have an o-line and we don't have special teams that are worth sending out on the field! We take special teams penalties for too may men on the field, Tristan Jackson takes one to the house and we can't return anything! Is Durant responsible for all of this? If i were coach Miller I would be calling Kavis Reed ("Running Backs Coach & Special Teams Coordinator") into my office for an explanation! True, Durant is not performing at the level we would like but we knew it was going to be like this when we decided to go with the young guys! I think we have to stick with Durant and let him continue to develope! There are many other areas of this team we can work on improving in the meanwhile!

Durant has to get rid of the ball quicker.

Our O-line got man-handled by a D that knows the QB is slow to pull the trigger.

Repeated draw plays to Cates.......Yawn.
No H. Charles
Too little Clermont.
Where's the timing routes

Blame LaPolice......for starters