No one can say the Ticats don't listen to their fans!

You cannot say the Ticats haven't listened to us.

The way I see it the Cat's organization have taken some of the most common concerns/gripes/complaints and constructive critisism and responded to it with action.

Let's do an inventory shall we:
Get us a new coach and staff:
One Charlie Taffe & Co.
Get us new players:
The list of potenials to fill the roster is huge.
If Jason can't do it we need a good back up:
Hello Rocky!
The Ticats should have more community events:
Two weeks of public appearances and a Ticat dialogue sesson at Hamilton Place.

The added bonus is the Ticats are investing in Hamilton and speerheading a movement to reviatalize the downtown by putting thier money where their mouth is and moving there.

Why are we selling an American beer brand at a Canadian football game?:
Hello Molson'sgranted they are in co-hoots with Coors now but I'm sure we'll be seeing a Canadian patch on the jersey's this season.

Well Ticat fans, they are trying to put a better product on the field, be more transparent and approachable with the fan base.

This is an amazing effort this organization is doing to put a great product on the field and make Ticat Football fun for this whole city.

Oh and thanks for listening Bob!

All good points except serving Canadian at the game. If that's the case I hope we get new toilets too!
They couldn't serve a worse beer!

Agreed. Of course no one can guarantee a team will make the playoffs but eventually this will happen, and more, when you see the direction that the owner and organization is taking!
Beer is beer when you’re taking in a sporting event as long as it isn’t watered down American pee water (nothing agains’t the States here, I just find that most of their beers taste like water). Different story when having a few at home or in a pub where you want the one you want and can have this but a stadium situation is different. Good on Molson’s to go after the Cats.

nothing agains't the States here, I just find that most of their beers taste like water
And if I wanted water, I'd ask for water...

I'm confused with the thread title. can we say it or can we not not say it ????

Molson my dream came true!! :thup: :cowboy: But is it a Good move to not get Lakeport/Labatt? to help support our local economy?

Also, no white pants next year!

There has been a notable difference since Bob Young has been the owner - he listens to the fans - that never happened with previous owners.

I agree with everything for the atrocious grammar in the thread title.........ugh. Double negatives put me in mind of a story:

Linguistics professor instructing his students says:

"Class, in most languages a double negative is a positive. But there is no language in which a double positive can be a negative."

To which one student at the back of the class yells out "yah,right".

Yep had a brain fart when I typed the title, corrections have been made. Thank you to the professional editorial

I'm not going to complain about the beer, I'm sure Molson's moved in and wanted this contract more then Labatt's. My only concern is that instead of Budwieser on the field they'll put Coors Lite...that would be a pi**er! Literally! :roll:

I am more then pleased with the moves on and off the field. Especially having the on field personal connecting with the fans before the season.

Psychologically, it connects this new group of coaches and players with the city and the people in it. It gives them a reason to dig deep and play because they are playing for people they've met and can get a grasp that this team represents us and we know our football.

Connecting with us, the fans is never a bad thing.


Dont be fooled by this one Jare. The Ticats went with Molson because they simply offered the better deal. The fact that they're Canadian is simply a bonus and good PR. If Heineken or had offered more cash, we'd be seeing a big green iflatable bottle in the end zone, period. I agree with the other things you said and also am happy that the team is promoting more Canadian companies , but this was a business decision plain and simple.

Wait a minute...

Complaint: No portapotties in the parking lots - UNRESOLVED

Complaint: Can't smuggle in bottled water - UNRESOLVED

Complaint: Give aways limited to first 10,000 - UNRESOLVED

Complaint: No Canadian QB - UNRESOLVED

Complaint: The Forbidden Chant (my favorite) UNRESOLVED

Complaint: Censorship on (another doosie) UNRESOLVED

Complaint: We didn't sign ________ - UNRESOLVED

Complaint: We shouldn't have cut/traded ________ - UNRESOLVED

Complaint: We all complain too much - TBD

are you saying we cant say that? its not that hard you know…LOL hehehe

Sheesh! Want some cheese with that whine?

Have you ever heard that we don't live in a perfect world? Bob Young and company are obviously trying their best.

One more:

Complaint: No one allowed on with ridiculous names like Ockham - UNRESOLVED


Ouch. Alright then, in the same spirit, how about no quotes from such indecisive dudes as Thales? :wink:

Good post Jare. There have been a lot of areas that management has addressed. There is however 1 request (more odvious complaint) week in and weel out:
Complaint: Ban Jason Farr from IWS
There's still 10 weeks until pre-season Bob. Keep up the great work.

Oh, I don't know about that ...

....wait a minute, I think we figured something common on here. Rather than serving Beer at the stadium they should just serve wine and cheese to us fans as all we ever do is whine and say cheesey things.