No Olympic breather, here comes Beijing in less than six months

I still think these Olympics should be well boycotted by everyone who cares about the issues, specially Canada


If Canada doesn't boycott, The Canadian Olympic Committee should give out "Free Mikes" t-shirts or bandanas to the Canadian medal winners when they stand on the podium to accept their award ala Bears' Jim McMahon did when he protest against his GM

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Sure let's punish the athletes for something the IOC did by awarding the games to a repressive and Communist regime in the first place.

How well did the 1980 boycott work out for some of the Canadian athletes that were severely affected along with other countries?


I never watch the Olympics. It's nothing but corruption.

I know it would be a serious bummer for the athletes but sometimes there are more important concerns.

For instance, too me, sending our team there would be saying Canada doesnt really care that much about the 2 michaels. If I was a relative I would be steamed.


It's not that Canada doesn't care about the two Michaels. If Canada released the Huwaii lady (whose name escapes me at the moment) then what's stopping China or ,for that matter, any enemy nation from taking any Canadians as hostages.

You cannot and do not negotiate with a terrorist organization.

She was arrested, at the request of the US, regardless of who's president, for selling products to Iran using US parts and tech which is a no no as the US has an embargo against Iran.

Athletes should not be punished for something that they have zero control over.

They can, however, choose not to participate at their own accord.


nothing in my post referred to Meng Wanzhou situation. Chine should release those guys period.

however, I dont like doing USA dirty work. Look at what this is costing Canadian taxpayers. She should have been shipped back to the states immediately, no trials.
but that is another story

She is fighting extradition with all of the money she has. China just arrested the two Michaels, on a trumped up charge pardon the pun, as a retaliation.

Trying to push Canada around.

Hopefully Canada does not buckle under pressure.

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which is why Canada should boycott

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Again you're punishing athletes for something they have no control over.

A better option would be countries banding together to boycott China and having their own Olympic tournament elsewhere.

Also the IOC needs to be sanctioned for making such a horrific decision (awarding the games to China in the first place)

At least the NHL isn't sending their athletes to China for the Olympics. But that's their own decision.

They have a pro career to fall back on. For other athletes, it could be their final opportunity.

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sometimes principle trumps desire.

Almaty, Kazakhstan was the only other option.

Not sure if that would have gone over better.

But agreed it should be about the athletes at the end of day and they usually are.

There's absolutely nothing principaled about losing an opportunity over politics which this topic has now been delved into.

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it is not about politics. It is about 2 guys suffering in china jail for who knows how long.

If I am one of these guys and I hear my fellow countrymen are in town and having fun competing and winning and celebrating and know that my countrymen back home and my govt are all cheering and enjoying the wins while I am sitting in jail there, unjustified and suffering. I would be even more miserable than any athlete would be having to miss out. I would also get very bitter and justifiably so

I would hope the athletes, if not my govt, would care enough about what I am going through not to have any part of it. To have the integrity and principle to make a strong statement to China that this situation is just not acceptable.

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Then write to your local MP to express how you feel.

Boycotting does not guarantee they will release them.

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again, it is principle and sending a message.

participating is sending the opposite message.

sometimes you have to stand of principle even if it doesnt change anything

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If everyone lives by principles alone then, sorry to say, nothing will get accomplished.

Life is cruel. The question that no media ever wanted to broach is what were the two Michaels doing in China around that time in the first place? Business reasons perhaps.

If Canada released the Huwaii lady in exchange for the two Michaels then the actual consequences will be dealing with the wrath of the US and suffering as one of the leaders on the world stage.

Good for you for choosing principles but I will always defend athletes at any turn principles or not.

Kind of pointless arguing over this as neither one of us is backing down from our viewpoint.

To each their own.

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Principles include getting the "right" things done

I too have wondered what they were doing there. I wish everybody would stay home. However, no one has shown that they did anything to deserve what they are going through

Again, not mentioning or suggesting anything about Meng Wanzhou

It is not or should not be, principle vs athletes. Most athletes have lots of principle.

Doesnt feel like arguing to me. Just a discussion.

no one need back down.

its all good for me :slight_smile:

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That's good to discuss these issues as they're,indeed, important. But to ask around over 300 athletes to sacrifice for 2 maybe too much of an ask. If they do by their volition the good on them

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Yeah. If I was an athlete, this alone would stop me from going but more than that, I would be very vocal in condemning china

China sentences Canadian to 11 years in case tied to Huawei (