No Offensive Co-ordinator NO OFFENCE!

This whole debacle began when they starting firing the coaches. Marshall was a given but then Papao too. Then our offence was run by "committee" which has turned out to be a farce. How can the you expect the offence to run properly on only 5-8 plays at most. Why not give the opposing defences even more of a chance to stuff us. The players are owed an apology for not giving them the best tools to go out their and be their best. This buck stops at one persons feet only and HE should be held accountable.

Based on the record and the performmance on the field, I would say that the "management by committee" method seems to have worked better. Perhaps we will have a quarterback ( and an offense) who can manage a playbook of more than 8 plays next year.

Bring in Matt Dunnigan as our new Offensive Co-Ordinator I think he could fit the bill just fine. :thup: