No NFL stars going to the Peg afterall

Seem's Both Charles Rogers and Adam Jones won't be going to Winnipeg. That's why I hate when people overhype thing's, don't worry Bomber fans it's happened to us before too. Both reports are on the TSN website.

Nothing but a publicity stunt by the Bomber brass. The reason. To take away attention from Kelly's ongoing incompetance. Kelly stated on OB that he was going to control the media. Well there you have it. To all you Kelly lover's. You have been had. many times do i have to tell you's 'incompetence' about incompetent :roll: :roll: by the way have you got your seat picked out in the new digs ...gonna be a great place to watch Bomber football :thup: :rockin:

Not one announcement by the Bombers on either signing, the media jumped the gun and look the fools on this one.


Yup...even some egg on Sports Illustrated's face...

The original SI piece only said an agreement in principle had been reached. That is different from saying he had been signed. I do agree that the rest of the media jumped in with both feet with their "done deal" and "he's on his way" pronouncements despite the Bombers denying it.

The bomber brass NEVER confirmed this deal. When the entire North American media was announcing the big deal - Bauer was on a local radio show saying - "it's not done!".

No publicity stunts by the Bombers Brass here as others will insist - it was all media!
The CJOB Audio Vault will back this one up all the way.