No NFL Salary Cap 2009 = Mass Player Defections From CFL?

If you go up and down every CFL roster.... you will find that almost every import player has NFL experience. It becomes obvious that the most NFL bench warmers are in fact inferior (according to NFL coaches) to CFL import players.
The only reason these players are in the CFL is because every year a player plays in the NFL the more they're salary goes up.
A good example is the BC Lions Rob Murphy. He is probably rated higher then half of the offensive tackles in the NFL (once again according to NFL coaches) however... with a salary cap it makes no sense to pay Murphy 750K to play on special teams and fill a back up roll when you can hire some kid fresh out of college who is almost as good as Murphy but you only gotta pay him 250K.
Thus Murphy languishes in the CFL for 175K/year while some kid plays in "The Show"
Next year with no salary cap....a rich team like the Redskins or the Jets will to be sure to pick Murphy matter how much they have to pay him (much like the NY Yankees) because they make so much money they will not care that they can pay some kid 250K (who is almost as good)
Don't forget...Murphy is one of the few CFL players who commands the vetran salary of 750 K.... There are piles of CFL players who only command NFL salaries of between 350-750K.
This is almost inevitable now that the NFL's "Uncle Tom" Gene Upshaw is dead,that the NFL will play with no salary cap next season.
I believe if this happens that anywhere between 20-50 CFL players will be on NFL rosters next season...
The CFL picked a very bad time to cut their relationship with the NFL.

Sorry ..this will affect the 2010 NFL season.

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  1. There may not be a salary cap but there is still a roster limit!
    2)Why pay someone who is "Nearly" as good as Murphy 250 when you can have Murphy for 250K
    3)The NFL did not cut players who now play in the CFL because it would have cost them too much money. They were cut because the team felt they were not good enough to play in the NFL. If the NFL teams felt they were good enough they would have offered enough to keep them there.
    You say that Murphy is better than half of the NFL but they cant afford to pay him because his salary goes up every year? Well so does the salary of the half that is not as good as he is.....

Sorry but no cap in the NFL will not affect the CFL whatsoever

if murphy was so good he'd be in the nfl, the nfl gets the best players possible, coaches and gm's are under the pressure to win every seaosn, they wouldn't use some dumb excuse that they cant afford 750K for a offensive tackle, at 750K offensive tackle is an excellent bargain. Blin do some research, because offensive left tackles are the second highest paid positions per team, wake up and change your flow, cuz your logic is garbage. Gene Upshaw aint even close to an uncle tom, and uncle tom isnt a hard worker, who battled in the board room and on the field, he's in the pro football hall of fame for a reason, its gutless for you to attack someone when they cant defend themselves.

thread closed.

There is a 53 man roster in the NFL ...only 24 are starters.... that means there are 29 back-ups or "situational olayers"
Reguardless of what the salary cap is.... 90 % of the player's salaries go to the 24 starters and vetran back-ups. The remaining 20 players on the team and the practice roster are left fighting for the scraps.... Most of these players make the league min. according to number of years of experience.
Yes there is a huge diference in paying a bench warmer 750K and paying him 300K... Take the 400 diference in pay and times that by 20 and you have your starting QBs salary.
NO...THE NFL DOES NOT HAVE THE BEST AVAILABLE PLAYERS. To quote Doug Berry "alot of you are here not because your the best, but because you are the cheapest."
Where do those better but more expensive players go... They go to the CFL. If you removed these restrictions...where would these players go...TO THE NFL

You just keep on believing that! :roll:

Wrong...Murphy is a five year NFL Vetran... You must pay him 750K to have him on your NFL roster

No Salary cap will have minimal to no effect on the CFL. It might be true every now and then that someone is cut because a team doesn't want to pay them, but it's not often enough to note.

Exactly.... Some of these players will become starters and become millionaires.... Most however will be cut after 2-3-4-5 years depending on how good the coaching staff deems them to be... Some of these cut players will come to the CFL and push out a vetran player like Murphy, because we now have a SMS, and the player will not be quite as good but work for cheeper... It's a vicious cycle.

this is the stupidest poll ever. EDIT. you don't get it. CFL is a different game than the NFL so this is irrelevant.

There are some CFL players who fit the NFL and they would go where the money is, but most CFL players like NFL players struggle in the other leagues for obvious reasons.

If there is no salary cap i'm assuming there is no CBA....well without a CBA there is nothing say (for that year) that you have to pay a 5 year vet anything so you could pay murphy anything you wanted

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in your face, upshaw is getting ohnoured, EDITED - NO INSULTS!

Also, the nfl has a 110+ million salary, so your logic is so flawed it makes no sense, 110 million - 750k equals a team having plenty of cap room for murphy, the only reason he isn't in the nfl is due to him being unable to protect the blindside accurately, and he would have trouble matching up against elite defensive ends like jason taylor, merriman, burgess, ware, etc.

mods close this thread, this child needs to sit down.

Also, the nfl has a 110+ million salary, so your logic is so flawed it makes
Reguardless of what the cap is.... 90 percent of the cap room gets eaten up for only half the players....Every team has a dozen or so players who play for peanuts(comparitively) Thus... YES.... MORE TALENTED PLAYERS WHO HAVE 3-4-5 YEARS EXPERIENCE ARE CUT FOR LESS TALENTED PLAYERS FOR SALARY CAP REASONS.Teams make a decision to relase players who command higher salaries...Why.... cause if you were to keep your bench loaded with experienced could cost you from adding a free agent starter.

As for Upshaw. Goggle "Causualties of the NFL"
I rest my case.....

if weren't for upshaw player salaries would be like slave wages, there would have been multiple strikes/lockouts, and NFLPA players inc. wouldn't be a profitable business, also gene was a dominating offensive guard, won multiple super bowl rings and was a legit first ballot hall of famer.

Blin if your such an expert go apply for the NFLPA job.

You should do some research before you post, Merriman and Ware are both Linebackers not ends.....some other ends u could have said are Jared Allen, Julius Peppers, etc

Considering the injury rate in the NFL... I'd demand guarenteed contracts... This would probably make most contracts shorter...but atleast the boys would get enough money together to retire.
Also I would set only one min. salary reguardless of experience.
I'd demand it be as high as the NHL's...600K
Sure there'd be a lockout...but there's gonna be one harm done.
2010 could be a very interesting CFL season when half the league walks away mid season
Like I said ,the CFL picked a bad time to sever their relationship with the NFL

you do your research, ware and merriman are real linebackers, they are a hybrid version of rush ends/linebackers, basically their role in 3-4 defense is too rush the quarterback, they are both converted defensive ends, the same goes for jason taylor who is also a DE/LB, get off my sack.

Just how many CFL players do you think there are that would qualify for anything higher than the NFL rookie minimum?

Other than Murphy, can you name one? The only 2 POSSIBLES I can think of are Moreno and Rambo, and I'm guessing that neither have enough seasons in.

So your point, even if correct (which is highly doubtful) is factually irrelevant.

blin needs to lay off the crackpipe the same goes for his sidekick Green2TheBone