NO NEWS? Googling Mosca

Okay, a slow news day and I reach for google. Today's search: Mosca.

Three hits that some may find interesting:

  1. great photo of Mosca in action, his sites set on Russ Jackson

  2. Mosca as fashion icon. Black is very slimming. On some people.

  3. an Historica moment on Mosca
    (To my eye, this video has clear evidence that Willie Fleming was not out of bounds when Mosca hit him in the 1963 Grey Cup. Was the hit late? Sure looks like Fleming is still reaching up field with the ball when Mosca tackles him. If this video was available in 1963, it's hard to figure out how anyone thought the hit was dirty.)

Apologies if these have been posted before.

That video is pretty cool. Four titles in 10 years and retiring after winning a Grey Cup championship, which was played at Ivor Wynne. That's gotta be the best way to end a career.

I never thought it was dirty play, border line maybe, but not blatant by Mosca. I was at the '72 game, remember it like yesterday. Al Brenner was my favorite, whatever happened to him, I heard he just vanished into thin air (or the bottom of the bay).

I appreciate the link, but i can Google too. The wiki only covers to 1980, what has happened in the last 30 years. I believe it was in the early 80's that I read of his disappearance (Gambling debt It said as I recall). He was a real favorite of mine, I just hope it all worked out for him. Maybe a "detective" thread for this "mystery" , or even a where are they now theme. Actually, not a bad idea 'eh? :wink:

A Where are They Now thread - would be a great idea...
Sure, I can google "Tony Champion" like anyone else.
But alot of great ideas of names (maybe even obscure ones)
would come up on this board that I wouldn't of thought
of on my own.+ the great comments....