no new Stadium?

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looks like it likely will not happen.

if the Govt says no, they're basically not supporting the evolution of the CFL.

they have indicated there is not a real interest in funding any stadiums / arenas unless some sort of international event (ie panam) is involved, which i can understand. I believe such projects should be more the responsibility of provincial, local, and private investment.

Problem is everyone has their handout to tax payers to build 400 million dollar buildings. Its offensive IMO. This applies as much to the bumming mayor in Quebec City as the Riders.

that's B.S.

they need to help their sports teams. heritage is important to this country.

The thing that gets me is that Saskatchewan is not asking for a lot if you think of it this way. They want 20 to 25% of the total or 80 to 100 million. For the sake of arguement let's say it can be built for $450 million. Of that about 1/2 or $225 million will be materials. The GST that the fed will take in will be about $10.5 million. The remainder of the cost is labour and the Feds will take in about 25% in income tax or about $55 million. So the Feds take in $65 million and and put out $80 million. So their contribution is really only about $15 M. That amount they will easily make back in taxes and so on over the life span of the stadium. So even if they only contribute $65M, I'd bet the project would go ahead and they have not spent one cent more than if the project does not go ahead. Why can't they see that?

you cant count the GST revenue. That is essentially a writeoff for most companies...what they pay in gst the save in tax. The labour on a job like this would be closer to 60mil, not 50%.

As for the income tax revenue, that would mean something if the province had a shortfall of work, but it is the opposite. It is great job creation yes, but if the population that was working on the stadium was working at other locations that are desperate for workers they would be better off.

Your same argument could be made for a hospital.

The point is...what is the payback for the Feds? There is no need for job creation. The stadium in use seems to be good enough to be filled on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a new stadium, but I typically, not always, but typically believe that federal branches should not be involved with municipal maters.

Well there is still time for the feds to kick in the dollars so I am still hanging on to hope. Having said that, the federal government can justify spending over one billion on two days of G20 security in Toronto with its fake lake, etc..., billions to bail out GM and Chrysler etc..., and yet cannot spend 100 million to help SK with a multipurpose stadium.

saving GM = 1000s of permanent jobs
but yes, g20 was shameful

so what do we do then.. 10 or 15 years from now when the City comes by and declares Taylor Field unfit and unsafe and condems the area?

Pull off a Hamilton, until we get what we want :wink: :rockin: :twisted:

Then renovate the freakin’ hell outta that thing !!!

A new stadium is a waste of money, plain and simple. Put it towards reducing wait times in our hospitals, putting more students from low income families in University, low income housing, or things that will benefit soceity as a whole. Do not put it into something that will only pad the pocket book of a few people. I can sit in my seat at Mosiac stadium for three hours every couple of weeks for a handful of weeks a year, or not go to a big name concert if it means that the health and overall quality of life goes up for myself and the people around me.

Job creation can come from more beneficial things for society as a whole rather than promoting the interests of a select few in this province. This is coming from a Rider fan and a season ticket holder.

lwets see...10 to 15 year...if the Riders continue to pull in 1/2 of what they have for the past few years they could EASILY tuck away 10mil a year. If one received 6% interest, which is not unreasonable by any means, that would be over 150 000 000 in the bank (at 10 years). That, in compound with other moneys, is a great place to start. Sit until there is an economic downturn and build.

Well if you guys have 300 million, build something for 300 million, that should get you a great stadium. You buy what you can afford. Its not like a stadium can not be built. Just have to adjust your wish list like every business, family or individual does.

Agreed. Make a design that leaves future considerations for a dome / retractable.

I agree with HFX. Winnipeg is pulling theirs' off for around 200,000,000. In winter they are doming the playing field (not the stands) which gives a huge area for other tradeshows, minor sports, etc. I can't see why regina needs anything more than that. Also, outdoors makes it expandable to around 55,000, with the temp seats, which is much more appealing for Grey Cups than in a 40,000 seat dome. Plus it sounds like the 200,000,000 is already pretty much in the bank.

That would be really smart. Get the increased capacity now and use the extra revenues to add the 150million dollar roof later...

Well first on the GST, if it is the province building the facility, they do not pay GST... So no GST revenue to the feds. Second as to increase capacity, the plan is only to add around 3000 seats. Sure that will bring in more income, but that is only if the facility sells out every time. All teams have their ups and downs, the Riders will at some point slide down and not sell out as much... (btw, any business plan that is based on the most optimistic sales ie all sell outs, is not a realistic plan, and that is what the so called business plan for this facility is based on).

The fact is that $450 million of 3000 more seats is a heck of a lot of money.

I'm not a resident of Sask anymore so I don't really have a say. But if that is all you see it as, I can see why you would be opposed to it.