No new Rider Stadium

Unfortunate news. Hopefully something can be worked out

Not a bad thing IMO. Copy exactly what Winnipeg is doing for 1/2 the cost, and you still have covered area for winter tradeshows, amature sports, Etc. Dome would have had it's good points, but not enough to warrant that kind of cash outlay by Governments.


I agree with Taleback. It just means no domed stadium. I thought the province said they had the money to do an open air stadium without the feds.

I'm still curious how they were going to build a domed stadium that can be easily expanded by 10 000 seats.

Maybe they planned on asking Jerry Jones for advice on that. :lol:

The domed stadium project seemed way too grandiose I would say. Nice to dream of something like that but that was a lot of money.

200 million for winnipeg with no federal hand outs (the money the feds gave (5 million or something), going to u of m...)

430 million and they wanted 100 mill from the feds.. i agree with the above comment.. nice to dream but was never a realstic option.. think about it.. Its regina. not a shot at regina but... fact is.. its one of the smallest, probably actually the smallest cfl city in canada... 430 million.. thats toronto money, not regina.

alot of rider fans figured this was a done deal a while back but fact is.. it was proposal 1.. u got a long way to go boys b4 u get to the end.. trust me, it took winnipeg 10 years maybe to get ours.. its gonna take you just aslong too. its just how it is.. proposals are nice... but... 430 million was never realstic to begin with and i think u gotta be kidding yourselves if you think it was...

like i said.. NOT A SHOT AT REGINA... its ok.. i guess.. but.. it doesnt change the fact that IT'S REGINA.

I think the rider organization and city were smart, start off very high (Dome Stadium) and settle for something mid-range. New stadium.

Hopefully they can get this done, and soon. I would like to see Ottawa, Winnipeg and Regina with shiny new stadiums by 2013.

Good luck,


Well I still think they'll get a stadium. Were they not just looking for 125 million or so from the Feds?
I'm sure they can still build something nice for 150 or 200 million dollars.

Horrible news.
Hopefully Ottawa will come to their senses and help out as the west again gets the shaft.
Otherwise, we all better keep a close eye on the Quebec City new rink to make sure there is no funny money going there under the table.
The history of more than our share of tax dollars going to Quebec has been well documented.

I feel the same way as other posters. It’s the dome that’s dead. A stadium is still possible.

I had a real chuckle at this... You're from Winnipeg right? :wink:

ive said it something with the option of retrofit down the road.

And to those that have complained (not on this thread yet) that other cities have received Fed money for stadiums, their examples they have used were for stadiums for international events...and I am all for the Feds chipping in on that.


i'll say this.. if you think I wouldn't ever vote for a Conservative now, you just wait!!.... :x

Canada will be swallowed up by an Earthquake before I ever vote Conservative!

winnipeg has 4 x the population regina does. whats so hard to understand about this... i mean really... nice to dream guys but it was never a reality... its cool to be pro hometown but if u look at it realistically 430 million for a cfl stadium.. IN REGINA... was never gonna happen. say what u want, arent u from winnipeg.. yes yes i am, winnipeg, the place that is getting the new stadium, the place that didnt really cry when the feds said no cash for the stadium... fact is, u can bash winnipeg or any other city you like, doesnt change the fact that 430million dollars and regina never made sense.

if you are basing your voting on this, because the conservatives didnt give you 100 million for a football stadium... dude, dont vote at all. besides, what makes u think that the liberals or ndp would have said any different? fact is, none of them would have given 100 million to regina for a football stadium.

bash winnipeg all you want but while you are gonna be renovating your dump, the bombers will be playing in a new one.

430 million... whats your population there in regina.. 200,000? maybe abit more... was never realistic.

so...spend millions on facilities across the country and raise taxes to pay for them? There are like 6+ major stadium/arena jobs coming give them all 100mil? 600 000 000 in Canada is equivalent to 6 billion in the states (taking population ratio) do you justify that? the money has to come from somewhere, and that would be the tax payers. It is not the Feds job to build municipal infrastructure unless it has an international tie.

somebody give a valid reason that the Feds SHOULD give money? And you can not use other facilities as an example if the were built / redone for international events (ie commonwealth, hamilton, etc)

I am sure it has happened, but that does not make it right. Don't get me wrong, the feds spend money in ridiculous ways...G20. But, the defense that i can use is at least they were attempting to woo delegates to try to retain their security council seat.

Yes, the Liberals were a cash cow in efforts to win support in Quebec...that was shameful, but at least it was exposed and the backlash essentially cost them leadership.

Does Ontario get more funding...of course, they have 70% of the population. They are going to get more than everyone else.

Not with that vibe…

And winnipeg may get a different team… SK never will…