No New O-Linemen / Injuries

Figueroa must be ready to return, again, and/or Howard's injury isn't enough to keep him from staying on the Active Roster. I guess Marc Dile will be activated now, but I was really expecting, at least, one new OL when the team started practising for the first Ottawa game. On Monday, responding to a question about injuries, Coach Austin mentioned "Waiting on some MRIs" "Some," and the "s" on MRIs would have to mean at least two. One might be on Bomben, who he reported as "at best, might have a chance to return, depending on how far we go." So he's out, at least for now, and I don't know that his injury, reported to likely be a broken wrist, would qualify for an MRI. Howard? That appeared to be an arm injury, also. Who else might be questionable for this game? I can only think of maybe Butler. It appeared he hurt his right shoulder or arm late in the first quarter at BC.

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#Ticats WR @BGrant84 practicing with the first team today. @jfig305 in at left tackle, O’Neill for Bomben at guard.
This is the best we could hope for! :rockin:

LT- Figueroa
LG- Dyakowski
OC- Filer
RG- O'Neill
RT- Lewis


OG- Rice
OC- Girard
OT- Dile ? or Howard ? (game day scratch/not dressed)

Injury List

LG- Bomben ( 1 gm )
LT - Olson ( 6 gm )

My guess as to how the O-Line will most likely look in this Sundays game. The depth chart will tell the tale.

Getting rid of Brian Simmons(an all-star last year) doesn't seem like such a good decision now.

I think Ottawa leads the league in sacks. I hope our patched together (with baling wire) OL, is up to the challenge. :thup:

Yes they do, although you have to remember that ten of those came in one game against a Sunseri-"led" Riders team.

Without even looking at the stats, when I've watched Ottawa play on TV, they look like they're causing a lot of mayhem in opposing backfields.

Agreed. And even if they'd had a more average performance that game, they'd still be around third in the league.

Here's hoping Figueroa is ready to play this week.

bomben one 1 gm inj,,,anyone know his official injury status? i thought he had a broken wrist

I'm pretty sure the team will "1-game" him until the playoffs. I don't know if a 6-game IL player can be dressed for the playoffs.