No negativity week in Saskatchewan

Win or lose today, I declare no negativity week in Saskatchewan. The coaching staff, Durant, and Taman have recieved the brunt of all the critisicm in recent weeks. Nothing will change in the next week as far as coaching staff goes. Save the negativity until the end of the season.

I want to win today! I SO WANT IT!

more than any win so far this season!

beat the Esks, knock em out of the playoffs!!

watch the Grey Cup tickets start selling!

Would be nice, BUT if we lose to the Esks, someone on the Riders is going to get it worse than McCallum and the "Manure" incident. I just want a win!!

Considering it's 16 to 5 for Esks, this is ridiculous. I think it's about time people get real with this team.

Since that score, what happened? Nice to see the boys finally get out of the funk!

To all those who had lost the faith, all I can say is F YOU!!!! This team can win the GC, that is not to say that we will but we can and always could do so. You are an embarassment.

Okay I'll give you that one. Sorry but a bit jaded after the last 4 games. Now no negativity month(?) can start? This is the team we have going in to the play-offs, so it is what it is. Nice to see them go in on a good note.

I encourage all Rider fans to visit the Esky and BC fan sites. :roll:

Wow, is that professional legal talk. I don't expect much more out of your phony profession anyways. The only difference between a lawyer and a shark is that a shark won't eat it's own young.

First, for the record criticizing isn't losing faith. Opps, does that mean I still have faith in back stabbing lawyers? Sorry, seen too many of them saying one thing and then something totally different when they screw up. Second, any of the 6 teams can still win the cup... duh! Third, coaching is an issue with this team and will be into next season. Of course you won't say anything negative will you, right oh so righteous lawyer. See first point.

That is correct, and the only difference between a sturgeon and a lawyer is that one is a scum-sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish :lol: :lol: :lol: . What has this got to do with lawyers anyways? Boy, have you go so little to hang on to that you have to make it personal?? To that, I laugh :slight_smile: I don't take myself seriously and I don't take football too seriouslyl. There's a lesson in there for you, my friend. :lol: I feel sad for your sort :frowning:

BTW, who said criticizing isn't losing faith?? You making things up again?? Fans are part of the larger team. One could even say that they are the "boss", collectively. How exactly does shitting all over a team over and over again help again? Let's say you have a boss who never compliments you, no matter how much you give your all. How exactly does that help? Would you perform better when your father or your boss is constantly criticizing you even when you "win" or do well? It is over the top and you and your sort need to be called out for it. And besides, it is a constant in my mind that IT IS JUST A GAME :slight_smile: !!!! :slight_smile: :rockin: :thup: :rockin: :thup: I say again: your type are pathetic.

Legalbeagle, your pathetic. You come onto this site, say and I quote "F YOU" and then pretend to be some righteous person. Oh yah, you don't take the game seriously yet use the "F YOU" to anyone critical of the Riders. How lawyer like. I mean why would ANYONE take that personal. Do you actually practice law? I assume not since your arguments make no sense.

Love the "boss" analogy, lol. If the fans are the boss, Daley and Berry would have gone a long ago. People are critical because they are not the boss. It's a blog you idiot. Oh, and just a heads up, bosses can be critical, kinda goes with the job description. Doesn't mean you have to like it or in turn be critical. If you charge more than $5/hr, your ripping your clients off.


The team wins during no negativity week and look what happens. . .

"You're pathetic". . . "no, you're pathetic". . . ."MOMMY. . . he used "your" when he should have used "you're". . .is it pathetic not to know the difference?"

Cheer up gang, the team WON. . . they didn't lose. . .

On a blog site, context is everything. Spelling is not an issue no diff then texting. Your, you are, or you're come a down to context. Further try blogging using an iPad, very tricky. Most of U understand.

I apologize to everyone but legalbeagle. I'm surprised the moderator didn't pull his comment.

Go riders and get ready to double team Simon.

Now to those of you out there that don't have your tickets, go snatch em up.

how bout lets try to help carry these guys for the next 3 weeks with positives and support lets help bring the cup home for our 100th where it truly belongs remember leagues greastest fans we have the team that can do this

How about we all hug and make up. We are in the playoffs baby.


Then you should have started out by claiming that this is POSITIVITY week.

Mother Theresa said, "I will never go to an anti-war protest. Let me know when you're having a peace rally." :rockin:

Here's a good view to keep everyone in the right frame of mind going into the playoffs.