No Need To Panic, Yet!! Recap BB'S @ T.O

Very interesting game i must say considering the score, once again the defense came out with a solid performance and we could have won last week if it wasn'[t for poor play calling and poor QB'ING, 5 Points in the CFL is just not acceptable, plain and simple.

Fast forward to Winnipeg at T.O today (Sunday Aug.2) The defence ONCE AGAIN came out with a solid game, with the exception of fatigue in the final quarter. Shabazz (2 INTS), Perry (2 SACKS), Charlton (8 Taccles) and Macinley had a pick and a forced fumble, shows we have the defense and they are finally Gelling and playing up to expectations with the exception of a couple of sloppy plays and missed tackles in the 4TH QTR, now the offense needs to pick it up!!

As far as i can see, Bishop had a pretty good game, despite minimum practice and limited time to read the playbook, Kelly mentioned he wanted to throw the ball more (his reason for picking up Bishop) if he can turn it up a few notches once he knows the playbook and gets into game shape, we should be alright, anything is better than LeFors the first 4 games. Bishop is the starter and i hope he can get this offense going. Randall is still young and very ripe, in time he will be a solid backup. Rumour has it that the BB'S are still talking with Casey Printers, if that is the case is Kelly's "so called saviour" at QB Stefen Lefors on his way out or will Kelly keep him because he likes the guy? I would hate to see Randall go and Bishop, Printers and Randall make an awesome trio of QB'S, we will wait and see, i liked what i saw from Bishop.

We threw the ball more and the O-Line looked better than last week, which is a plus, we need to get Reid going and mix up the run, play action and throws a little more next week. Edwards had over 100 Yards and one TD, other reciever's seemed to be in space, maybe because Edwards is the go to guy, and if that's the case the other teams will catch on and we need to spread the ball around. I think the offense will slowly develop and Gel through the next couple of games, i am not saying we will be Excellent right away, but respectable, time will tell.

I give credit to Serna for having a better Field Goal Percentage this year, he can be a great kicker if he keeps working hard and gain more leg strength.

We are one win out of 2ND PLACE and this is the CFL, so i feel there is no need to panic. I also feel that Hamilton will start slipping again and T.O as well, i have some more confidence in this group than the last four games.

The Bombers have potential, but they have to get the offence going. If you play a team that turns the ball over 7 times, you should crush them, not just beat them by one point.

Printers is a bad idea at this point. There is no way he'll be content to play a backup role and more than likely it'll cause some kind of locker room distraction, NOT what the Bombers need right now, NOT what any team ever needs. Lefors and Randall obviously want the #1 job and will continue to compete in practice and again next year in TC, but they're good teammates as well. They realize that creating controversy, having bad attitudes, all of that affects your team negatively, and even though they want to be #1, they want what's best for the team....I don't think Casey Printers has ever had that attitude since leaving BC.

Kelly Bates and Obby Khan need to pick it up fast or else they'll be joining Tyrone Williams. Kelly has already mentioned this, and Bates and Khan agreed. When your interior linemen are struggling you won't run the ball as successfully, even if you try running to the outside around the tackles, if the A and B gaps collapse defenders will be in the backfield way to fast. The pass protection seems to be okay, we just need the run blocking to improve a bit.

Reid also won't have a lot of success until the Bombers can prove they can successfully pass the ball. With Lefors teams cheated on the run a lot, as they weren't afraid of the passing threat. If Bishop can make defenses respect the passing game, the defense won't be able to attack the run as aggressively, for fear of being beat with a Play Action.

Edwards struggled early, a lot of it might have been Lefors in-effectiveness, but I think he was also adjusting to life as the new #1 guy in Winnipeg's receiving corps. Now he was getting all the attention that used to go to guys like Stegall and Armstrong. So that meant he had to work harder at getting open, losing DB's etc. Bryant as well, both those guys had to deal with extra attention they weren't used to in years past, so that was an adjustment they had to make as well. When you're the guy being game planned against, you have to play differently.

Kelly's also talked about how most of Winnipeg's routes aren't the same routes on the same play. They're option routes, where the receiver has to read the defense, and depending on the read determines which route he runs. If they blitz the receiver runs one route, if they go to zone, he runs another, etc. Receivers were struggling early on in the season in making the right reads because for some receivers they're not used to it....they just run their route, and adjust slightly based on coverage. I think this is why Lefors missed some passes, and why Bishop missed some later on as well. QB's learn to read defenses early on in their lives, receivers don't always get that practice, so the QB could read it, think "okay receiver (A) will be here" and throw it there, but that receiver might break off.

The offense is a more complicated offense than some people give it credit for, and it does take time for receivers etc., to get comfortable with it, it just helps a lot having a QB who isn't struggling as well. I think Bishop will have a very fast learning curve and eventually everything will start clicking together with this offense, and when that happens, the image people have of this team, and this coach, will change quickly

...hopefully Kelly and this team can 'grow' together.....I know that Mike has the passion for this club....sometimes not the right answers.....give it time... :wink:

There is a reason Toronto's defense is tops in most categories folks, they are good, not flashy like Winnipeg's, just real solid. Once they limit the turnovers, they are going to win their share of games, anyone who takes them lightly is in for a rude surprise.

Toronto D is very good, also Bart has zero to do with their success, so that may have something to do with it! HC Bart will be gone next season. Argos will miss the playoffs.

Bishop will be just fine, should be the short and long term answer to the Bombers. Another WR might help. What`s this rumour about Printers? According to Dave Naylor, Printers was discussed and quickly dismissed.

Here`s a positive take on the game

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If hiring the defensive co-ordinator has nothing to do with defense's success, then yes, you are right again.


I wonder if both Bombers & Argos defenses look good because they have faced both the Bombers & Argos offences the last 2 games???

Both defenses have looked good all year. Argos just keep killing themselves with turnovers and Bombers haven't had consistency at QB.

.....Bishop was not in game shape.....but he didn't too bad all in all.....He says the second half caught up with him....everything started to tighten-up....hamstrings and hips....He's pretty sore, i can imagine, but not as sore as Joseph :lol: ...and not as sore as the hands of some of our receivers.... :lol: ..Looking forward to the next game.... it'll be a tough one in cowtown...always is..and they'll be in a nasty mood...Bishop better be wearing both of his guns ...we're gonna need it.. :wink:

Ok , so are you finally going to admit, how much of a bonehead move making Lefors the Bomber's leader was?

Bishop with two practices, put more offense on the board than Lefors did in his last two games. Kelly's nut sack is in Bishop's sports bag LOL !

…hey…when you bring in someone like Lefors you give the kid an opportunity…he didn’t work out …maybe never will…but you give the kid a chance…I’ve said in a couple of other threads…that Lefors is NOT ready for prime-time…Did Kelly make a good move in signing Bishop??? …so far it looks promising…but we have a long way to go…When you’re playing us in a couple of weeks, hfxtc…it’s not so much our offence you have to worry about…it’ll be our D…Have a look who’s on the Als. tail for least amount of points allowed… :wink: As far as Kelly getting the offence together…i think we got a good start when he dialed Bishops number… :wink:

I think Milt Stegall put it best when he said the Bombers have a DEEP gash and Michael Bishop is just the strong bandage to hold them until they get to the hospital (aka off-season). This is not saying Bishop won't succeed in Winnipeg, in fact that's a very good possibility, but I as well as many other's doubt he is the long term answer for the Bombers.

Argo D was pretty good last year, I would not say it was that much better this year? Hey, I believe Bart is a bum, just my opinion! I see you have opinions also,I have no problem with you having a opinion.

Dave Naylor and I think Bishop would be just fine for long term! Like Kelly said, he is only 33 and has not been roughed up to much.

What would Milt know ? The guy's never won a Grey Cup. Bishop has a ring as a backup (that played) behind Damon Allen. Bishop has very little wear, he's got serious experience and played behind shit Olines his whole time in TO.

Who is Kelly going to find between now and next training camp that is a better option ? You can't get a succesful QB in the CFL to move. Well unless he's playing in Regina...

If Kelly is such an offensive GURU, he should be able to make a QB succesful. Austin did it with Joseph...

A QB that fires at 50% consistantly at 33 years of age isn't exactly starting QB material. The guy just slings it, half the time it's a completion for a TD, half the time it's a pick. You can't accept turnovers like Bishop delivers em, they will need to find a starting QB during the next off-season. Think, if he was so amazing, why was he bounced out of Toronto and Saskatchewan respectively, then sitting on his couch for a few months? Darian Durant isn't exactly the Tom Brady of the CFL, so it's not like they had such a great QB in Durant that they may as well can Bishop. Bishop overthrows and throws TONS of interceptions, and at key points of the game. 50% completion percentage, 44 TD's, 44 INT's, 33 years old. Not the long term answer. Gotta agree with Milty on this one, although I rarely agree with him because he's still EXTREMELY biased towards the Bombers.

Everyone talks about how Bishop went 11-1 when starting in Toronto but the only reason they were 11-1 was because of the defence. Bishop was pretty poor in 2007 a 52.1 passing percentage, 2920 yards passing. The offence was nothing great but because his defence was steller he was able to win games. In 2008 his passing percentage was better at 58.4 and 2550 yards passing but he only threw 10 TDS and threw 13 INTS. And for another year he was pretty much ranked behind every QB in the ratings. At 33 yrs old Bishop is a bandaid not a permanent solution, I wish Winnipeg the best in their season besides Labour Day and the Banjo Bowl but they need to find a better solution in the off season.

Mike Kelly has worked with a lot of good QB's, as a Coordinator and as a QB Coach. Matt Dunnigan even gives him credit for a lot of the success he had in Winnipeg.

I'm still not writing off the Lefors move yet. I think Kelly over-estimated Lefors' ability at this time, and that can happen when a guy looks good in TC but just can't do it the same way when the bullets start flying. Unlike coaches in the past who ride a QB till his confidence is completely destroyed and has ruined his reputation as a QB, Kelly made the switch. Lefors will obviously have taken a shot to his ego, but I think he still has confidence in himself, and I think Kelly's realized he needs more time in the bullpen. Again, when he played it wasn't so much his decisions that were bad, but the accuracy, a lot of times his reads were good but his accuracy was off. I think he's worth keeping around and I personally would keep him ahead of Randall.

As for Bishop, perhaps Kelly can work with him to reduce the INT numbers a bit. He's worked with a lot of good QB's, even worked with AC a brief time before he burst onto the scene in Montreal. If Kelly can help Bishop bring down the INT's, Bishop could become a very dangerous QB. Speed, mobility, decent size, experience and a CANNON for an arm, he's got the tools in place. I think Kelly wanted Bishop's arm not even so much for the deep ball, but for the slant and crossing routes they run a lot to the side and over the middle. When Lefors made the throws the ball hung a bit too much and the pass just took too long sometimes. Once the receivers start understanding the reads they need to make based on the defense it could become extremely potent. I mean if Bishop can fire the ball into Edwards, Bryant or Franklin (when he's back), just as they're breaking into open space....that could turn a big play. A lot of times Lefors made a play that....had the ball gotten to the receiver earlier....could have been a big play, but it took too long and the receiver either over-ran the pass or had to stop and come back.

I'm interested to see what Bishop can do with more time in practice and more than 30 plays on his arm band (which is all he had on Saturday)