No Name Defense

What I find impressive out of these two games is the defense... Sure the offense is looking a lot more fun and explosive, but other than last season, our offense has always kinda had the edge.

Our defense has been VASTLY IMPROVED, the DB's can actually cover this year (go figure), the linebackers are playing with great intensity, Im loving the play of JC Sherrit (hes one of about 5 guys i can name on the defense... hence the No Name Defense brand), and the D Line is FINALLY getting some great pressure with the help of the 3/4 scheme and blitzing LB's... 2-0 so far is impressive considering we didnt know what we were guna get this season... Congrats to the Esks so far, and I wish us luck for the rest of the regular season! :smiley: :thup:

This defence of the Eskies is quick and they are having fun out there. With B.C. rolling in to Commonwealth the Esk's D will see quite a few passes from Lulay and the corners I say will be tested often. Seems kinda odd that B.C. has no running game other than Lulay; this will be interesting as far as the Blitz is concerned and I expect to see our sack total climb. But on the other hand I'm O.K. with the Interception; take one to the house or two. :thup: This game will not be a gimmie either.

Rod Davis has a hamstring issue and is doubtful for the next game against the Lions. From looking at the depth chart Mike Cornell will fill in; thus Brian Bonner comes back on roster perhaps?

This is why I am going to take a hard look at our transactions before making the pick on the game.

The play of our secondary and pass rush will have to be stepped up even more for this one.

Thankfully BC has no running game, but Wally Buono will not overlook our weak linebacking corps in his game plan.

BC will try to get any one of their new, fast receivers in space with short passing and if they do it would be a very long day for us because Lulay's game is better than ever now.

Very true; Calgary had problems with Lulay and our D will too I say. When Lulay is flushed out of the pocket he has the ability to run about after the called play is not there; thus his receivers can also run about to get open and this will/may put the "Sting" on us. The upside is, our secondary is quick and loves to swarm the ball after the completion. Another thing is for Lulay: dropped passes are one thing but he did have his wideouts open but over threw them. He drops the ball in there for his receivers to catch, Yea I could see it being a long night. However I can see a lot of points and numbers being put up by Lulay/Ray, so in the end it could come down to a winning fieldgoal? We'll see.

If it comes down to a last-second field goal then we've already lost. :lol:

I'm curious why BC has no running game. They've Jamal Robertson who was solid in Toronto and had a decent year for the Lions last season. What's going on with him? Under-performing, injured?

O.K. how about this; T.J. Hill picks one off and takes it to the house. That would be AWESOME. :rockin:

I don't think it will be close, Esks by at least 20 The Lions are just plain terrible on ''O'' and ''D'' Kammel and P Jackson will not be playing this week .
Only positive for the Lions has been their kick returner, but thats it.

I hope we do generate some turnovers. :rockin:

At this point id just thought id point out that Edmonton has the best offense in the league, and 2nd best Defense in the league, based off of the Points For and Points Against Columns on the standings
Winnipeg has technically the best Defense so far, although id take Edmontons over Winnipegs anyday :lol:

I like the 3-4 D with the output so far, thus have to give the thumbs up to the Esks brass for getting the players they need in order to run this version that Stubler has designed. I didn't take note of his 3-4 D of years gone by, but from what I have read from other posters it worked well. Winnipeg's D is different than ours; they are good as well with Big Doug Brown and are capable to hit/punish their opponents. We'll find out more on these two teams on Aug.5th in Winnipeg. After the Lions the Esks roll into McMahon and more (positive/negative) to this 3-4 D will be revealed. For the Bombers who get Calgary in a couple of days will tell us more too, then after that game Winnipeg plays at Toronto. All in All, another chapter has yet to be written.

It's working now,only because the front 3 are able to get pressure on the QB plus our DB are playing outstanding and the LB are able to make some key tackles.

That's true oilerrocker, however after further thinking about our situation now that Rod Davis our MLB is out 3-4 weeks; A MLB could very well be on the way to Edmonton real soon. If so, who's out there besides Mo Lloyd? Could be Rico McCoy.

Esk's ink MLB :smiley:

Rico McCoy? :? Given his NFL background as cut from a generally weak team with a weak defence, I am not optimistic.

Well he is on the smaller side for NFL LB's if has good foot speed he may do well in the CFL, i'd say he is worth a shot .
In the one game he did play he did get 1 Tackle and 1 forced fumble .

McCoy did push Lobendahn in TC for a job in Winnipeg and their D is tough, so I think this signing is a good fit for Stubler's Defence.

Well Edmonton stepped it up again, the Offense is consistent with averaging over 30 points a game, and the defense bends but dosent break and only gives up TD's when they are useless to the other team. The No Name Defense does it again!!! :smiley:

Close but Lulay is apparently really fast!!! I can't believe he got off the ground and covered the angle to catch him

For sure! Here was my post in the game thread when I noticed Lulay's speed on that play:

Damn Lulay made that play getting up from the ground as Gore almost caught him, meaning that Lulay has faster wheels than does Gore! Rock on TJ Hill! :rockin: