No name change for Eskimos

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Goodstuff :+1:

As someone who would have supported a name change, I like what the team did in consulting Inuit groups, and I like what they plan to do regarding engaging those groups with the team more in the future.


Good to hear, as I was never a fan of changing the name due to the virtue signaling of today’s Society. And, thankfully it’s not changing to Edmonton “Empire”, a moniker they’ve been using quite a bt after Rhodes showed up (and now thankfully left).

In saying that, if the team were to ever change the name, “Elks” or “Elk” are the only ones I’d support due to the history with the team.

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Nice to see!! Nice to see consultation, however Eskimos is a name given to people who live in the north by early explores/settlers. Not a Inuit Name for sure!!

Good to see it’s staying the same and the organization took the time, and continue to do so on staying the course.

I suspect it was largely a PR move and the name was never in any serious danger, but still, good to see this put to bed (for now anyways)

I give it until Grey Cup time before someone brings it up again…

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Good to see the consultation.

Also, good to see the individuals that claim they represent groups, not get their way.

Good to see some context was allowed in the discussion.

I would support a name change as well — I really like “Empire” — but the Esks did the right thing by consulting all they did. It appears they have determined that the name as it stands is more-or-less acceptable to those who should know.

I think if they were jerks and showed native people in weird logos and doing some insulting things with the name there would be a problem but they have always seemed to be a proud name and one that is felt as something honourable and respected . The two E logo probably helped instead of some cartoonish face .


Agreed. I don’t recall ever seeing an Eskimo mascot and certainly nothing like Chief Wahoo.

Yes, it always seems to be such a burning issue once the eyes of the national media are on the team.

This says it all.


Personally, I would have changed the name long ago just because this issue comes up every year. Get it over with so you have one less thing to worry about and continually spend resources on.

If they changed it to "Empire" some would complain about colonialism. It doesn't really matter what the name is as long as it's not overtly racist, which, according to the people who would know, it's not.

I personally am not fond of the name, but only because it sounds kind of hokey and anachronistic to my ears. But, it's just a name with long historical roots that has been largely blessed by actual Eskimos, and as such it is just fine.

There is no group of people called Empire that will say the term is offensive. If not Empire, have a vote. It does not matter how dumb of a name it is anyway. Look at Ottawa. Everybody thought REDBLACKS was a joke when they first heard of it. Now, it is just an accepted name.

Just because Edmonton says they are not changing their name does not mean the issue is settled. It is just going to come up again and again in perpetuity.

...or until certain people get their little way. Then they can move on to the next "issue" that affects their lives so drastically.

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"Get their little way"? CFL barely survives as-is. The last thing the league needs is to insult people and tell those offended how they should feel. And if this was a nothing matter, Edmonton would not be spending so much time and money researching the issue and its options. If the club wants to go through this at an almost annual basis, that is their business. However at some point in the future, I do think their nickname will change. That is why I would have just gotten it over with.

Lorne Kusugak for Prime minister. He thinks like a leader should think. I'd vote for him.

Should I be offended by Notre Dame's Fighting Irish. A little leprechaun, very Irish looking guy with both his dukes up ready to fight. Only thing missing is a bottle of Bushmill's. Dat's racy in me books........... Is there nothing else more pressing that we could be wasting our time on and that brings me back to Lorne for PM again.