No More Yellow School Buses!

Joey Alfieri? @joeyalfieri 41m41 minutes ago

No more yellow busses to Stade-Hebert for the #AlsMTL. They're practicing on the turf field behind Olympic Stadium #TSN690

Getting a little more professional - private plane and now a practice field at the Big O.

I had read that Kavis had met with the RIO people during the winter. If this is the result, good on him.

Was that so hard? Good job Patrick!

Herb is at practice and tweeting. Did he mention anything about the new practice site? Of course not.

He’s looking for his next “hit job”. I suspect it will come in the form of roster management against Kavis or he may be sharpening his knives in the event the team struggles on thursday.

Here`s the story on Kavis meeting with the RIO and a practice field being available. Probably because the Impact have their own training facility now.

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Did the Impact not move to their practice facility in 2015?
If yes, why did the Als only approach the RIO this offseason?

This forever or temporary?

From Alferi`s tweet it seems to be permanent. When Stade Hebert was occupied they used to go to another field that had no line markings.

Other than saving 10 minutes travel time. I cant see how this is better
The only field is a soccer field, no football lines and no goal posts

No parking and stands for fans either

I am literally right in the center of the 2. I prefer Hebert

Als were said to be losing 30 minutes of practice each time. That is 90 minutes of practice a week, in the CFL that is huge.

WTF? How can they practice properly, if they don't even have a proper football field with yardage lines and goal posts?

If I recall correctly, back in 2008-09-10 or thereabouts. I remember watching the Als practice in that green space area by the biodome. I don't tecall seeing any lines, but i could be wrong.

Give the team some credit. They wouldnt have made the change if they didnt consider it be beneficial. Not difficult to have lines painted and a goal post put up.

I remember reading the team was losing 40 minutes a day with the travel, maybe they needed faster bus drivers.

Stade Hebert is fan friendly and has parking, but the times I went there were no more than 10 people, not counting the bus drivers. Not exactly Sask.

Im not familiar with the soccer field as far as access. Is it adjacent to Pierre Charbonneau? Theres parking there, but you have to pay.

Bring a folding chair with a cup holder :slight_smile: Even a scooter can handle that. I'm sure they will paint lines and add a goal post for Bede to practice. There is also a retrofit of the offices and tower planned for the Big O so the team might be able to move its entire operation in there.

Ok 15 minutes each way....not 10 :wink:

That is what the Coaching staff was saying last summer....

I was being sarcastic

I agree there ate not that many people but I just retired and live 5 minutes away and was planning on checking out lots of practises

Its that dark square between where it says stade Saputo and Planetarium Rio Tino Alcan

Sherbrook in the photo runs vertically to the left Viau runs along the top at about a 45 deg angle

They had lines and goal posts in 2009 when this pic was taken

The last time I was there they didn't

From today`s photos on their twitter there appear to be lines.