Don't get me wrong... I love the Renegades and the city... I've had tickets since the early 90's (my mom since early 80's) and I drive nearly 3 hours for every home game and rent a hotel room so that I can party it up before and after the game, but the people in Ottawa are just plain a$$holes... not the fans of the Gades but everyone else. Read this article...

Fine, stop the Mardi Gras promotion...... But not letting people tailgate at the stadium before the game???? That's ridiculous, no freakin' wonder no one wants to go the games, it's because the city is totally against the Renegades. Tailgating is a part of football, and to not allow it is criminal. I am very upset at the city of Ottawa for this.

Yeah I saw that this morning too. Total bull$hit. My guess is that its rallied around the restaurant and bar industry on Bank St. The city just doesn't get it, they must hate people getting together on their own time to have some eats and a drink or two, and feels like they should be forced to go to an establishment.

It's pureblind idiocy, when I went to a game in Detroit, it was probably the best thing about the experience. To see how pumped everyone was, and how they grilled me for being a Bucs fan was unforgettable. There had to have been 5,000+ on an ugly Oct. afternoon.

Tailgaiting builds the whole intensity and culture of football. They must be scared of disorderly conduct or something. Football fans behave themselves, brutal decision all around.

The city of Ottawa are really being jerks. I bet Jan Harder is behind this one to. Do they think fans are stupid? I also get a hotel room for each game and drive from North Bay. I love getting there early having some beer and wings at Hooters then getting to the stadium to watch the warm up have a couple beers then settle in for the game behind the opposing bench. After I love to watch the post game entertainment and have a few drinks and mingle before heading downtown. They dont realize that they are killing part of the football atmosphere.

I do have a possible solution. Why not starta Gades club and put in some picnic tables behind the fence in the east endzone under the score board. Charge a dollar to get in which goes to charity. People can bring in a cooler and mingle until 30 minutes prior to kickoff. That way the city cant get pissed about no supervision, charity benefits, the fans get to mingle and have a pregame party and the mess is contained. They could even set up a barbecue pit where people could grill there food. This doesnt compete with the other endzone because lets face it all they serve there is 8 dollar beers.
Lonie are you hearing this?? Lets defeat the city at there own game.

Yikes... North Bay... wow... hardcore man.... I may have you beat though... lol.... before I moved to where I am, and before I had my license, my mom, sister and I used to take a 5 1/2 hour bus drive back in the 90's to each and every game..... was crazy..... Where do you stay at?? I'm at the Cartier all the time.....

I agree completely with the whole "Gades club" thing.......

If they disalow it they should then find a way to have it in the grounds...

The problem is that Ottawa is in Ontario, where drinking in public is still illegal !! It has nothing to do with the city. They are only telling you the rules that have to be followed. Stupid law in my opinion. They would be able to tailgate across the river in Quebec. Put pressure on the politicians to change this law.

4-year Tailgaiter here....

The first 3 years, the tailgate was ususally the highlight of the night....

How can we get this fixed by Sept. 8???

I just sent the following to Jan Arder and cc'd the mayor:


It would be great for you and the rest of City Council to get behind the Ottawa Renegades. The team adds economic and cultural value to the life of the city. While I was dismayed with the mardi gras promotion and I'm not one for a tailgate party, the perception among Renegades fans is that the Council does not support the team. Perhaps its time to change that perception? Instead of putting up roadblocks, offer solutions and alternatives. That's what you folks are getting paid for. [/i]

Very good, High Five!
We don't pay them to drive business out of the city - they should be working with Lonie and the team....

High Five , did you get a response. I sent a similar email to both and Jan Harder sent a reply that she was forwarding my email to security to be blocked ( I didnt use any vulgar statements either ) and the mayor has yet to respond to my email.

Most of the emails that are beeing sent to harder are getting blocked.The council did not think this was that big of a deal and people would be fine wiith it.Well that is not the case and reports are they are getting so many email about this there not even looking at them.

I wrote that mayor last week and got a reply in 20 min. I figured it was just from a staffer but then I also got a reply a few days later from a city hall employee.

Dear Michael,
I'm also a strong supporter of keeping the CFL in Ottawa. I've asked the City Manager to try to find a solution to the tailgating issue. The mardi gras seems to have resolved itself as a result of the attention brought on by a media feeding frenzy.
Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns.

                                                            Bob Chiarelli

Any updates to the tailgaiting situation?? Can we do it or not?? I havent heard much.....

Good luck to ya' gades fans. It seems like the OFP* have struck again.
*(Ottawa Fun Police).

I just talked to a buddy already tailgaiting at Lansdowne, he says the cops came around & told him they will be ticketing drinkers tonight instead of warnings.