Piece of shit, smart ass mother fuck ers!!! DUKA DUKA MOHAMMOD JIHAD!!!....

OK, I'm going to spot there, but WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO STUPID!!!

like the idiots who came up with these anti-smoking laws here in Georgia!

JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!! :twisted:

Did I just declare a holy CFL war on the city of Ottawa???

Call me crazy (or a stupid American), but here's another idea. I've never been to Ottawa, so I have to get my bearings of the city from Google Maps satellite pictures of the area. Why don't they section off an area of the Northeast parking lot next to the green belt by the river and turn it in to an RV park. You could have your tailgating provided that you stay overnight, you can get knee walking drunk and barf in the river, and not only will the city not worry about DWIs, but they can convert a section of concrete that will be used for only 30 days in to a year round generator of revenue. Look at how popular it is at NASCAR events. The beer garden idea is great as well. That's half the reason I bother going to UNLV football games. And if you get drunk enough, the Rebels might actually look like a division 1A football program!

What the hell is up with Ottawas mayor and city council. What a bunch of squares, has the mayor ever been to a football game, do they not realize they are helping to kill the sport in that city. Gades fans should be furious, Katz couldnt pull that kind of shit here in winnipeg, and expect to get re-elected.

I live in the ottawa area. Landsdown park (Frank Clair Stadium) is right in the middle of the RICH neighbour hood. They like the attention, not the noise.

The Mardi Gras promotion has POed some of the local concillers and now they are pushing back. Too bad. Finally someone is trying to get buisness drumed up.

The attendance is going up all the time. I was at the last game. They said there was 20 000 but it looked like alot more!! The Gleibs must be doing something right, and there is defenetly pleasure in seeing the team and Poa Poa succeding.

I honestly don't think the local government would be pusing as hard if Hockey had not started up. Ottawa must be doing something wrong. WE had the #1 team in the NHL , and it was going bankrupt!!!

I have no problem with the tailgate party, the drinking in the parking lot i do not agree with so much, but i love the beer gardens idea.

Look at it this is free press for the Gades!!!

Spkr :wink:

EXCELLENT idea........not stupid at all...........and a positive suggestion......thanks!

Excellent points , and I am glad that you are not taking this personally.

I don't think that any one bashing the whole CITY. I love OTTAWA , and have been there many times. :smiley:

But there is a problem [in my view] with some [not all] of the people in the sports press and at your city countcil.You explained that well.

OTTAWA, has been through allot with OTTAWA football. As you know , the first time the GLEIBS owned OTTAWA they didn't understand Canadian football and did some really dumb things.That was their fault.

What I am trying to say is that..........the fans from OTTAWA should listen to some suggestions that others may have when these kind of problems happened in OTHER CFL cities.That is how we all learn to fix problems.

FANS from OTTAWA, should not take it as a slight against them.WE KNOW that the OTTAWA fans that post here are going to games.They are not the problem at all.......TRY, living in TORONTO.......a city that the whole country can't stand , because of our bone head media and some of our pass leaders........makes every one here look like jerks.........

" we are a world class city " :roll: .........ALL of Canada is WORLD CLASS.

I could write a book about the ARGOS" poor football situation in the last 10 years.Every city has its problems and jerks.

TORONTO, is nothing compared to OTTAWA.......with it's American centric, bone headed press and their want to be , attitude. :roll:

So ,what I did was travel around Canada and see why we are hated so much...........some of it is earned , while some of it are MYTHS about, TORONTO.

Any way......most of us LOVE THE CFL........and want a team to do well there. You need a football team in our nations Capital of the CANADIAN football league.

So thank you for not taking this personally and calmly explaining more.
It will help us learn more about OTTAWA , and we can work together to find solutions.

But sometimes people have to see the hard truth to move on and fix things.

In TORONTO I have spent lots of my free time writing letters to the press about unfair coverage and obnoxious statements made by some in this media about how GREAT TORONTO is and the attitude that if it isn't American, it can't actually be something great, if it is from CANADA. :roll:

So, CHEERS to you! :smiley:

I guarentee that is exactly what happened ... such a brilliant idea that mardi gras party was ... Who'd a thunk that the possibility a Mardi Gras party could rub someone the wrong way and there be negative repercussions associated with such a promotion .... Who knew?!! (me) Hmm - its pretty evident that the local government and the Gliebermans will not be seeing eye to eye anytime in the future ... BRUTAL ... That'll be real helpfull ... Every CFL (or pro team for that matter) needs the backing of the local government to be successfull ... To p!ss the government off was probably not the most intelligent business decision ... Who knew?!! (me)

I applaud the decision to yank the Mardi Gras party ... I think it has no place at a football game. But tailgating is synonomous with football ... This is definately payback for ignoring the cries of the local gov. I guess you really do reap what you sow ... Who knew?!! (me)

Renegade fans now have another excuse - the government. I guess all you can do now is blame the voters of Ottawa. (hah) ... Real shiddy situation in Ottawa .. thats too bad ... But ... "I TOLD YOU SO"

Personally .. I hope this changes .. everyone deserves the right to tailgate.


That is what you get living in Ontario. I laugh when people tell me it would be great to have an NFL team in Toronto so they could tailgate the way they do in Buffalo. I just tell them it would not be allowed to happen because it is illegal in Ontario to drink in public places. A very ridiculous law. Don’t blame the Renegades for this at all. Don’t even blame the city of Ottawa. Blame the politicians who allow such a law to remain.

It’s not stupid, mate, it’s a fantastic idea to part reponsibly and have fun. I’m all for it.

Hey, does Winnipeg have something like this? anyone?

EskJebus has the right idea.

The east end of the stadium is completely under-utilized. They took out the stands this year. Lots of room for a beer tent, food, live music. The vendors are making plenty of dough. Just gotta be creative. Lonie should bring the entire city council and the mayor to a game...give em the full VIP treatment. The Renegades add economic and cultural value to the city.