Don't get me wrong... I love the Renegades and the city... I've had tickets since the early 90's (my mom since early 80's) and I drive nearly 3 hours for every home game and rent a hotel room so that I can party it up before and after the game, but the people in Ottawa are just plain a$$holes... not the fans of the Gades but everyone else. Read this article...

Fine, stop the Mardi Gras promotion...... But not letting people tailgate at the stadium before the game???? That's ridiculous, no freakin' wonder no one wants to go the games, it's because the city is totally against the Renegades. Tailgating is a part of football, and to not allow it is criminal. I am very upset at the city of Ottawa for this.

CFL Fans, what do you think of this crap???

"city officials have also threatened to crack down on tailgating, in which fans arrive early and begin barbecuing and drinking in the parking lot.

A letter from Lansdowne Park manager Richard Haycock to the team promised tougher enforcement in the way of $130 fines for alcohol consumption outside the stadium. The city has asked the club to announce that violators will be charged and will distribute letters to drivers who enter the parking lot."

It doesn't say anything about not letting them tailgate - it states that they will "crack down on tailgating," thereby eliminating the drinking outside the stadium. I'm not sure about your city by-laws there, but here we are not allowed to drink outside of public buildings - hockey arenas, etc. I don't see a problem with them cracking down on the drinking outside of the stadium, especially if it's breaking an existing law. Whether or not people agree with the law itself is a moot point, in my opinion.

I agree, that is stupid to stop the party! God, Ottawa needs to win the cup badly or it's 1997 all over again, and NO ONE wants that!!!!


It's Metal, So Who Chares If A Few Fans Drink In The Parking Lot As Long As They're Not Driving It Shouldn't Matter. Unless The City Regulates The Cost Of Booze Inside The Stadium Your Always Going To Have People Drinking Before They Go In So They Don't Have To Spend As Much Money On Beer.

It is against provincial law to drink in public and Gades/Lansdowne Park could lose their liquor licence over it.

There's suspicions too that the concessions people were putting pressure on city and/or Lonie to stop it because it was cutting into their sales. Geez, I wonder why people would prefer to have a few beers before coming to game or at tailgate instead of paying $6 to buy warm beer --- and only one brand at that.

The stadium could take advantage of the situation and set up a fenced-off, licensed beer gardens so people can drink legally. They can then let people picnic outside of it as long as they drink non-alcoholic beverages, and if people want to drink, they can show their ID and enter the beer garden area. If they already have police and security cracking down on people tailgating, why not let them give people a choice instead of looking like a bunch of party-poopers who want to syphon the fun out of an event?

Heck, I'm sure if it got popular enough, local bands could play there for a couple of hours before each game.

It's not that difficult to set up, and everybody wins.

sounds like a good idea

Saskatchewan does that exact thing EskJebus. They do it on their practice field. I saw Prism there have a few beers and mingled with the other fans It was a great time before the game and they didnt charge 8 dollars a beer either

The Gades could definitely do that. There's lots of space in the East end zone to open up an area for fans to hang out before the game. If this team is going to survive, we have to give the fans a chance to get together and enjoy themselves.

I don't understand why the city is so hellbent on ruining a good time for the fans. Instead of threatening this and that, why not work on some solutions that could be mutually beneficial?

Couldn't have said it better myself Eskjebus and gades1979.....

It a good thing that the GLEIBS.........still want to stay.

The city doesn't seen to want them there.

If I was from OTTAWA , I would be embarresed by the city government.


Come to the GADES game........but don't laugh , drink, take your shirt off............what a hic town. :roll:

I don't think that there would be these kinds of problems, in QUEBEC.

Sorry people , the M.G. was 1 thing , but a fan killer.

Getting back to the beer gardens idea, it's not difficult - it just takes someone with some guts to organize the thing. Myself and a couple other people organized several "beer garden"-type of events when we were in university.

All it takes is somebody who is willing to take time to get permission to do it, find sponsors, and set it up. Local bars, breweries, and restaurants jump at opportunities like this and may even help out by renting tents for you and supplying prizes as long as they can advertise on your plastic cups, napkins, etc. One could even write a professional-looking letter to the Gliebs outlining the idea, and they might even hire a local event planner and do it for you!

Heck, if I lived in Ottawa I'd be tempted to try organizing a supervised and licensed tailgate party myself...

Obviously the CITY , like the OTTAWA press has a thing against having any fun and promotion.

They seem to have made this personal..........and if this continues.......OTTAWA, should move to QUEBEC.....where FUN is not illegal.

I agree, create a beer garden and by the sound of the Owners, tailgating isn't going away in Ottawa any time soon:

Glieberman hopes the city will lighten up on the issue.

"Tailgating is done throughout North America to a great success," he said. "It's a big part of what football's all about."

It seems that OTTAWA's City hall........doesn't seem to get that......and for some one to say what she did about the GLIEBS in a public forum, is bush league.Doesn't she like American people ?

If the GLIEBS get fed up with this ,once again.......would you blame them?

This not an insult to the people of OTTAWA.........but these immature off field antics........would turn any owners OFF OTTAWA, in the future.

OTTAWA, is lucky to even have a CFL team,PERIOD. But yet certain people act like ungrateful , anal retentive, jerks..!

Maybe , I am now understanding OTTAWA'S poor record with PRO sports franchises.GUYS/GIRLS , TAKE A PILL.

Insulting the posters here who mostly try to tell the truth , that OTTAWA'S press and CITY HALL, have a BIG attitude problem.

This make all the people from OTTAWA, look like HICS , which is not fair to them.

I have family in OTTAWA , who I have visted all my life ........and I have gone to every OTTAWA game , since they came back when the ARGOS were playing.

OTTAWA is a fun , beautiful City.

To me , this is sad..........because OTTAWA, staged a fantastic, GREY CUP.

It is almost like the OTTAWA press and City HALL are on a power trip...............and want this to FAIL........" see ,we told you so, it is every one elses fault that WE didn't support our own team "

It is TOM'S is the T.V. scheds the new owners fault................IT HAS nothing to do with the people of OTTAWA ?

Do they want a football TEAM...........YES OR NO.................?

Yes, come to OTTAWA and make us money.........but don't date our cheer leaders............and do everything on our terms..........!

Sorry people, life just doesn't work that way...........

Blaming TOM WRIGHT and the CFL.........will NOT.........change OTTAWA's attitude and until people start writing the OTTAWA press and complain, start buying tickets for a 1st place team , and writing CITY HALL............until that happens .........OTTAWA ,only has itself to blame.

Complaining here , and blaming other posters........will change NOTHING. :wink:

DO these people forget what a blast last years Grey Cup was!!!!! that must have put money in there mother fucking pockets!!!!!



Yeah!! makes sense to me! Bann drinking outside. But let everyone drink inside and drive home! Yeah! rocket scientists here.