No more Straight Arms??

I know the whole hands to the face thing is questionable, but this new rule change that is comititee will prevent the awesome straight arms, that have always been a part of football. Hell its the Heismen pose.
Yes I understand that someone could get hurt, but this is football, you can always can get hurt. Quit being a bunch of babies and stick your arms straight out and smack someone in the helmet

Good thing R&W and I have rubber arms.

you should be able to stop somebody from taking you down, I don't agree with this rule one bit, and why are they wasting time with it while they should be dealing with the other rule proposals that I bought up for months on this forum.

I agree with BS 1000%

You bought some rules!

lol.....funny, I don't think I ever saw those.....j/k KK..... :wink:

on the other hand, I do like the other two rules about having head coach's call a TO and making sure that off side players respect the 5 yard "halo" by making the penalty for no yards more strict.

and I would love to re post my list again but I take a look at it for an ego boost and get back to wrting my letter to TM and not bother you great CFL fans anymore. MHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

here's KK AND HIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

KK, please don't agree with me. Then they might actually implement this rule.

no, if I agree with you, they will not.

I'm disappointed that no direct punting out of bounds inside the 20 wasn't adopted.

This is honestly the worst idea that I have ever heard of. Is there at least going to be an incidental 5 yard penalty? Come on the refs can't make good calls now, how are they going to implement this new rule. Its like hitting the quarterback in the helmet while he is running around and your trying to get a sack, it can sometimes be impossible to prevent without letting the qb get away.

If it's enforced subjectively against the offense, then I am for it.

Do you honestly think that a ball-carrier should be allowed to stiff-arm a guy, grab his face mask, and be able to throw him around, WITHOUT PENALTY?

This is a good rule, it simplifies the rulebook and makes officiating calls clearer and easier. Don't grab a face mask - it's that simple.

remember BS, none of my rules have ever been done in the CFL yet...

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Thank Goodness! :wink:

mind you, I said "yet..."

Remember a lot of changes get discussed....very few changed

I'll start worry when I read the following press release:

TORONTO ONT. The CFL is pleased to announce the newest member of the rules commitee. On Saturday Commissioner Tom Wright will welcome Kanga to the Rules Commitee.

:wink: :wink: :wink:

but my AP has a chace, after all, Canadian Football all though out it's history has tried to be a different sport from Rugby, elimanating the KC and chaging the value of the TD and 2 point convert would be just the triket to breack the last of those ties IMO.


Hey, if Tom Wright really wanna to skate up the league, he can give me a call.


(note: not a right phone #, I’m not that crazy)

Kanga the Action Point does not, and never will have a chance. SO STOP MENTIONING IT

And quit hijacking threads

but I love to hijack them with random objects that the FAA has banned, I'm taking this thread using a leaf bower!!! :lol:

"you turn this thread around or I'll mess your hair up so bad your mama willn't reconised you!"

and that's your opion on the AP, the opion of somebody who bind and scared to see the chage that's coming. MHAHAHAHAHA!!!