No more sports for CBC?

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This controversy has been going on for years. I would rather the CBC continue broadcasting the CFL, the Briar, the Tournament of Hearts, the Commonwealth Games, etc, as they have the experience and expertise to do so. As well, (not that it was apparent last game) the CBC has a mandate (official or not) to be impartial in sports broadcasting. My thoughts would be that private national broadcasters would be highly partial in favour of teams owned/located near the headquarters of those companies (imaging CTV or Rogers showing blue team games - shudder).

What do you think?

I like the CBC

I think they are the premium broadcaster in Canada. They may not do everything correctly but they have a certain prestige about them because they are the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

They were the first in Canada and out of everything it does its sports coverage is the best thing about it.

When there is a major event in Canada you can usually guarantee that a CBC crew will be there.

The CBC's news and sports coverage are usually top notch but it does lack in other areas.

The CBC knows how to cover such sports as hockey, football, baseball and curling.
The CBC used to have the best broadcasters but since cable has taken over the pool has thinned out somewhat.

It's good to know that if someone in Yellowknife or Halifax or Vancouver has access to what's going on in Canada.
Cable is not available in remote areas and they should be able to enjoy the same excitement in sports that people in the cities do.

Times have been tough in recent years on the CBC but I think they still have an important place in Canadian Broadcasting

The good thing about the CBC is they dont have a regular schedule to interrupt when it comes to the olympics, NHL playoffs, etc.

How is CTV going to have continued coverage of the Olympics when they still have primetime lineups to show with the CSI's, Law and Orders, America Idol, etc, etc.

I know sportsnet has coverage as well but I just cant see us getting the same coverage as CBC gives us.

CBC is a perfect station for news and sports.

A state controlled media outlet is a dangerous thing. The CBC costs us a billion dollars every year. How objective do you think they are when covering a political party that if elected would disband them. Yet, they take tax dollars from every Canadian, whether you agree with them or not. What's next? A state controlled newspaper (that's a rhetorical question; Torstar is doing a great job).

While cable might not be available in every nook and cranny in the country, satellite is and the CBC isn't.

While their loyalty to the CFL is admirable, the league needs to find a way to survive without them because if they can't then it's basically corporate welfare.

CBC impartial?? Geez you should listen to the Bob and Harry show on HNIC. They are so pro-toronto it's unbearable. I usually tune into radio and time the TV so it's just right. :thup:

I vote for private stations.

ya, i'd much rather every team develop their own channel, like LeafsTV, and broadcast their games on there....

i'm perfectly fine with the CBC broadcasting sports. (because really, if they dont what else is there for them to do? might as well just hook up a webcam feed from Peter Mansbridge's house.)

Theres a HUGE difference between state controlled and state funded.

The CBC is funded by the state…not controlled by it.

When you get ALL private stations you get no impartiality. Like in the states, its either a left or right channel with an agenda.

CBC’s agenda is just to report the news.

TicatsTV would never work, theres not a big enough fan base, and for those of us up at the cottage in the summer with no cable, we’ll always be able to get the CBC.

We'll have to agree to disagree then. Everyone is biased to some degree. The notion of a completely unbiased newsreport is abusrd.

The CBC's bias is to promote the socialist agenda of the nanny state,less individual responsibility and liberty. They are controlled by the state because they are funded by it. Follow the money...

They do a good job on sports though. But who wouldn't with an endless pot of gold to dip into.

For another perspective on the CBC, check out

I agree with xtybe. The CBC is fine as it is.

I don't want FOX type news stations in Canada supplying American style news. If the CBC is biased, Ill take that bias over the Fox network any day.

Getting rid of commercials and stripping it of sports is just the first step to getting rid of the CBC. Leave it alone! It ain't broke, so don't fix it!

I gather, Ockham, that you think that Fox News is very communistic?


Why do we always have to compare ourselves to the Americans? I don't believe in the CBC, therefore I embrace FOX? That's the type of thinking that results from state-controlled media.

Free your minds. Turn off the CBC.

Ockham, i think everyone would be more inclined to agree with you if every time the government changed the CBC changed along with it.

State-sponsored? yes
state-controlled? no

That's an interesting point Espo. Without delving too far into partisanship, it's quite obvious the CBC is biased in favour of the natural governing party of Canada (aka Liberals) with sympathy for the NDP. If it was a private venture then I'd have no problem with that, however, I take exception to my tax dollars being used for hidden agendas.

Anyway, the private broadcasters do a great job in this country covering news and sports, the remote regions of the country are quite easily served with satellite television, the CBC costs a billion dollars each year and has no benefit to all Canadians. Therefore, it should be scrapped like the asinine gun registry will be.

Ockham, are you Mr. Harper in disguise?

Leafs and Argo broadcasts aside, I'd argue that they're biased in favour of the middle ground, which is the territory the Liberals had been so good at playing in for years. And that's where I want my public TV to be, not because the Liberals share it, but because it's not strictly at the right or left.

CBC may be getting a chunk of our taxes, but are we funding the "private broadcasters" any less? How many of our after-tax dollars are spent on trivial things in support of the companies that fund their programming?

Now if you want to talk about CBC's management decisions, you and I may find something to agree on.

Argh. My brain hurts. I'm heading down to IVS now for a little relief.

Lemmings...the cliff is thata way.

Oskiee Wee Wee!

Well said Ockham - I have to agree with you the CBC has aways been left leaning.
Its time to cut off their funding, why not put them on cable and the lefties that watch the CBC can pay for it and the others that dislike the CBC will not have to pay for it. I don't think that taxpayers should be paying for it.