No More Road Trips to support the Cat's AWAY???

I'm surprised the Cat's aren't pushing support by running away trips this year. We've had bus and train trips to Montreal in the past etc. but the only thing this time is an "auction" for two people to go to Montreal this week for Thursday's game....
Why don't we have charter coaches going to Toronto games run by the Ticats...... :frowning:

Maybe they're in the process of setting up excursions to the EM. :wink:

You need someone to hold your hand ? Ask mum and get in your car and go.

I know sometimes the team has a bus and or train heading to the cats game in Montreal, i'm wondering if there is one availble and being ran for this game or not, and how much it costs. If not I am wondering if anyone knows the best and cheapest way to get there thanks.

where is this auction and how can you bid? I also think it's dumb not to have anything going out to support the team.

Dumb or seeing how obviously unsuccessful it would be trying to organize a trip to make it on a time for a Thurs. night game ?.
Hint - people work.

It was only an idea Zontar, take a chill pill! It is a good idea! Ill be at the game Thrusday either way, my flight leaves Wensday Morning!

Clearly, it is because fans need the driveway to stadium experience to watch CFL football and clearly all Ti-Cat fans use cars. :wink:

Although seriously, I can see it just being a case of it not making the franchise a lot of money to do it, so they don't. I think it would be cool if we had a GO train trip where there was an official Ti-Cat train cart party.

Best way is to fly, cheepest way is to hitch hike! You can also catch a train that leaves out of Toronto Union Station, I belive at 915am, its a five hour train ride if all goes well! It runs about $150 return!

Not in the middle of a work week it isnt. But if one can make their own arrangements a MTL road game is a fun time. Done it several times.

I will be there heading out tonite after work stop over in kingston then 2 days in montreal hopefully with a ticat win. Early friday morn off to new york city to see the sights then home sunday.

This vacation is to 2 places ive never been but always wanted to go see yous all at the game thursday nite :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Check - it's currently about $100 bucks for a return ticket including taxes from downtown Toronto, but you can get it much cheaper if you book in advance. Buses leave Toronto at 7:30am and 9:30am arriving around 2pm and 4pm respectively, same thing on the way back. If you value money more than sleep, then you can come back home just after midnight after the game. Otherwise, it looks like the best bet is to stay at New Residence Hall at McGill (a former hotel that the University converted into a residence, right across the street from the stadium). it's $110 per night.



Last year Megabus (Coach Canada) was charging just 10 bucks for a trip to Montreal to draw attention to the service. Now that was a deal!

How about a promotion to get fans in the area to go to IWS for Tiger Cat home games??

Like free city bus service and shuttle buses from easy to access locations around the city? I'll send an email to the team right now and suggest they do that.

Yes, they do sell very cheap tickets, but the price goes up the closer you get to the departure date. It's the Ryanair pricing philosophy. Since it's only a couple of days away, the tickets are as high as $80 one-way, although early morning departures appear to be cheaper.