No More QB Battle?

Looks like Holland is The man so far judging by last nighs performance. Justin Holland (who has never played a down of CFL football) outshined the experience of brad Banks and Ryan Dinwiddie by far. What does this mean for the QB battle?

  1. Taman on the Pre-Game Show said he wanted to see someone move the ball this game, Banks was horrible to say the least and Dinwiddie made some horrible mistakes (passing to no one up the middle), looks like Banks or Dinwiddie will be the first to be cut.

Banks 1 for 7 with 4 yards passing and 3 picks is my guess (oh yeah and 1 1st down in one quarter) ... good bye Banks.

Which leaves Holland, Dinwiddie, Bohnet and a phone call to someone else probably..... I would like to see Bohnet in Action next Friday for at least a quarter and Hollad one more time against a better defense........

Either way it looks like Holland may be the back-up we have been hoping for and #3 don't really matter ... Banks was a waste of time and worry for the fans, he never wanted to come back in the 1St place and it showed last night.

....looks like Maas oops ...I mean Holland is a keeper......watching him on the tube i thought it was Maas getting interviewed...likeness is uncanny...As far as his quarterbacking skills go....FINALLY...i can see a glimmer of hope for a decent no.2 guy on the Bombers...converting 3rd. downs and doing it with a lot of savvy...

adios' Mr. long are we going to give this guy to prove himself...he reminds me more of Tee Martin every time out.... dosen't have it....time to move on ...

Dinwiddie should get another shot...but if he keeps throwing interceptions like he tends to do...i think we may keep him around as third string....IF...Bohnet does show anything...otherwise he may be catching the same bus leaving town as Banks...


Papa I agree with you; Banks is toast. I don't agree, however, that Dimwittie should get another shot. He looked pretty bad last year (only thing that made him at all worthwhile is that he was not as brutal as Quinn), and obviously has picked up where he left off. You're better off without him. Go with Holland and Bohnet as your backups, unless a more experienced QB becomes available as teams cut down....and that might just happen.

Otherwise, I hear Nealon Greene is still available................

..thanx ...but no thanx on Greene, MadJack...i think he throws more interceptions than out for this Chang guy in Ham. ...MadJack...he looks very polished....i know its only preseason...but he sounded pretty comfortable out there for first time-out...COULD.. Maas end up playing second fiddle....stay tuned... :wink: :roll:

LOL, no way Chang replaces Maas. Many a raw QB has played us and looked very good.

I agree with everyone about Banks, I never did like him or Quinn, or Dinwiddie. Out of all of our recent QB prospects Michna was the only one that interested me, but he was never given a shot. Holland had some spark and was able to move the ball and actually put up points. Something that has been VERY rare for our backup QB to do for the past few years. I hope he gets somemore action next game.

All good points for sure,but who says someone can't walk in and unseat Glenn?? Holland looks good but time will tell. We DO NOT have a marque Qb and I'am just keeping an open mind.

the depth chart judgeing from last night is

5.Banks (If he doesn't get cut this week)

Pre-Season game?
bad QB's.

Apparently Banks should have been 4 of 7 with 1 Int, because one of his Ints was the receivers fault(Berries words)

Although I would like to see Dinwidd cut he won't be, Berry seems to have decided to keep all of em for atleast a few more days(till tues/wens)

the blue should cut like 5 Imports tomorrow, get more reps for guys with a real chance to make the roster.

Holland will be the number 2 qb behind Glenn in Hammer this weekend according to Berry. However, Glenn gets to play as long as he likes, so there is no guarantee he will even see the field.

While it is true that Berry has said that Glenn will stay in there as long as he wants, you can put money on him not lasting too long into the third quarter. Holland will get some good reps again.
I'm looking forward to seeing how he does against the vets.

I question berry's Comments on Banks and Dinwiddie's Performance last Thursday..... Banks SHOULD'VE been 4 for 7 with one pick, still not good enough, besides he didn't move the ball and it is the QB'S job to MOVE THE DAMN BALL, should've, could've just doesn't cut it for me, i think Banks is another Tee Martin .... USELESS ... as far as Dinwiddie is concerned, Berry TOLD him to FORCE passes up the middle to see if they can make play's??? what kinda coaching strategy is that?? should'nt he have made the OBVIOUS plays and NOT force the ball, pre-season or not, i question Banks and Dinwiddie ... I also question Berry?? Yes AJ3 should've had 2 or more catches, but so should've Brazzel and the rest of the reciever's, is it that the ball was POORLY thrown, YES, from what i seen in the highlights, Banks and Dinwiddie didn't do there job ... PERIOD .... one first down and 4 total yards in one quarter, u gotta be kidding me, especially against a bunch of rookies....

I for one am sick of all the exuses about the QB'S over the years, I don't care if your Khari Jones, Tee Martin, Mike Quinn, Russ michna or even Kevin glenn for that matter .... too many excuses and not enough play to back it up ... Injuries are a fate of BB QB'S and we need a solid back-up, cause it'll happen again and when it does someone has to step up .... if no one can, then shouldn't we try and trade for a quality proven back-up?

why trade for a quality back-up when it is likely one will be released?
Why trade the price some teams are paying for a so-so backup(look at the Butler Trade)

Yes it’s Banks job to move the offence, but remember when Glenn was passing to Peterson? didn’t Peterson make Glenn look bad even with money passes right to Peterson?
Perfect passes that anyone(yes even fans) could catch?

That is what happened(in part) to banks.
He should have moved the offence atleast 15 yards on a 15 yard pass that was right in AJ III hands but he dropped it resulting in a Punt.