No More Losing at Home!!!

Friday's game is going to be important. Not only are the 2 points huge, and moving ahead of Montreal even more important, but we have got to start showing that this is OUR backyard.

We need the team to have a dominatating game to show the rest of the league what will happen if they play here. I'm hoping that we can go 3-1 down the stretch by beating Montreal and Calgary at home, and either beating BC or Hamilton. This would leave us at 10-8, and hopefully at least a tie for first with Toronto (which would mean that we win the division due to the season series).

Playing at home for the East Final is a huge advantage, and playing at home for the Grey Cup is something teams rarely get to take advantage of. We still have the chance to do this.

It started off with an emotional win against Saskatchewan for the Banjo Bowl. The fans were loud (yes KK, we do it too!)and the team fed off of this. We need to continue this against Montreal and Calgary, and hopefully for 2 more games after that! :rockin:

....i like to use the fight-game analogy for the game on Friday....the Als.and Bombers are like two heavy weights ....the BigBlue have landed a sharp upper-cut...and the Als. were sent stunned and reeling into the the Bombers have to deliver the knock-out punch and send them to the canvass for the full count.....lace up the gloves guys its gonna be a barn-burner...and more losing at home :rockin:

Papa, while it pains me to say it, right now I'd be betting on your guys winning on Friday!

That's the polite way of saying my team s!u!c!k!s're one of the few guys whose opinion i respect on this board...i know you're a long time Als' fan MadJack....and it ain't easy watching the home-town guys go in the tank...i got to admit there's something not right in the Als. for my Bombers looks like they are trying to get back to respectability...I just hope its a good game Friday...and it will depend on who wants it more ...and whose team shows up....Goodluck MadJack..and i hope the officiating is better than that last fiasco between the Bombers and Alouettes played in the Peg..we sure don't need anymore of that... :roll:

I think the main problem with my team papa is a lack of any intensity. So you're right, the team that wants it more wins; right now, it looks like my Als don't want anything other than for the season to end. Add that to your homefield advantage, I see a Bomber win.

i see this game going both ways. i took my bombers last game and now i know that the als want it back. i think the als will come out playing a much better game this time around then last week. should be a good game for first

I expect Montreal to play a better game too. We have to stomp on them early and not keep giving them chances to get back in the game like last week. When we were not capitolizing on our chances I just had that sick feeling that it was going to come back to haunt us......
This time though we have to play like playing at home means something! Get out there and be bullies! Let's beat them up physically and emotionally - they have lost 6 straight, even the best coached team would be losing all there confidence.

1 more day to go :rockin:

ya true i want to see stegall get the TDs that he should of had last week to tie the record

Its the curse of the bye week that concerns me, almost every team going into the bye week has lost this year, including the Bombers at home once already this year. If they want to be taken seriously they have to win this game period.

True Pigseye, the bye week blues gets me down also. like posters stated before me this is a huge game and I hate putting regular season games on a pedastall...the buzz is in the air, my work partners are even talking about Friday nights tilt....she's going to be Rocking , thats fur sure.