No more Hamilton, please!!!

Got stuck watching the Ti-Cats for the second straight week here in the States on Comcast West...had some buds over to try to get them into the CFL after telling them the league is as good as the NFL...well the Ti-Cats single-handedly made me a laughing stock! What a horrid team. One pal plays in a semi-pro league here in the States (one of those rag tag leagues were each player has a different colored helmet) and he was convinced his team could hang with Hamilton. Anyway, it will be awhile before my pals watch another CFL game. Thanks Hamilton, and oh, the bush league stadium announcer didn't help my cause

Sorry man but your pals can't be great football fans based on the performance of last years worst team.

They deserve to see better and they will.

The same thing happened to me two years ago when some buddies of mine were watching Saskatchewan and Hamilton around the beginning of the year. Nobody could catch the friggin' ball. That was all they needed to claim it was second rate - until we watched an NFL game five months later and it was just as bad. I rubbed it in deep


I'm not sure if I like that stadium announcer or not. At times he seems really into it and excited, and others overly excited and bush league.

Not a great game to showcase the CFL :slight_smile: The Winnipeg Edmonton game last week would have been perfect.

the way the announcer pronounces jesse lumsdens's name annoys me allthough u cant really hear what the guy is saying over the chris walby's voice...

Don't focus so much on the announcers. They can snck pretty bad just about anywhere.

Anybody watch Pat Summeral? Some people loved him but to me he was the dullest announcer to ever sit in front of a microphone. I mean I swear he was falling asleep at the mic the last few years he was bingo calling.

There is only one John Madden unfortunately.

Oh, didn't mean the TV announcers, they are solid, meant the stadium announcer. His enthusiasm was fine, but we heard an "ooooh" after a sack and a "yeah!" Seems more like Arena League stuff.

If your pals are any kind of fans of sport, they'll realize that all teams and all sports have sh!t games from time to time....if they can't appreciate that, who needs 'em as fans?

Right on JM. You said it better than I could.

Well, they are fans, they are hungry for football here in the States and they were liking it early (some nice D by Hamilton) but after it got out of hand they were just giving me some good natured shi*, pointing out Hamilton's best play of the day was Toronto's punter running out of the endzone :roll: It was just a bad game to have CFL newbies see!

It seems the Cats have nothing to do with making you look like a laughing stock, you seem to be pretty good at it by yourself.. are you looking for sympathy posting this EXACT thread both here AND in

$uck it up princess

well if they are really football fans they would watch it just because of the simple fact, i watch the NFL, NFL europe, and AFL just because on the offseason i get so bored with no CFL and i just love the game and if you have to make them like it maybe its not worth it...

the cats were so bad, that cbc should have paid us to watch that Bulls**t, also can they get a hot chick to be a sideline reporter like ESPN does for college football.

Don't be mad just because the Ti-Cats blow. You should be used to it by now

Just about died laughing at, “$uck it up princess.” :lol:

At any rate… definitely not a game you wanna show to people who haven’t seen the CFL before. Just terrible. I actually gave up on it and took a nap. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t think this game can represent the entire CFL, but unfortunately it will only help to prove that old myth that the CFL is the NFL’s ugly cousin.

I’d try to set up another game night. Pick a better game, though, maybe one with B.C. or Winnipeg, or Saskatchewan.

Ya, I'll stay away from Hamilton for sure!!! What a dogmeat team, you think they would try to improve over last year. Seems like they have an new set of terrible players...looks like a 1 or 2 win season, maybe 3 wins tops.

Three wins might be right, unless Chang can turn the ship around. Seems like Maas is spinning his wheels, not all his fault of course. The CBC is doing a great job in it's final season.. GO Bombers..

The Female sideline reporter is a bit of a cougar, at least that is what I was thinking during the game.

Oh yeah And as far as trying to convince anybody that the CFL is a great league. . .

If they need convincing, then they are a lost cause anyways.

It's like that Sanduskyohio-schmo. He will never respect the CFL cuz it makes him feel like a man when he talks bad about it.

If your buddies think they can beat the Tiger-cats in a game of football, Tell them, your buddies couldn't even beat me and my buddies in a game.

Whether you think you know or not, allow me to tell you, THE CFL IS PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL.

I have seen many blowout games in the NFL, I have even seen really bad teams in the Superbowl. I have seen the lowest of low scoring games in the NFL. I have seen NFL starters come to CFL and stink it up. But i love both leagues.

Tell your friends to send me a game tape of their precious little friendship league game. That way I can talk some sh!t about them too. (just joking)

I love Football. I don't need to bash another league to make myself feel good.

Hamilton is going to $uck this year, plain and simple...

(and Why is "$uck" censored?!?!)