No more games on demand?

Just too a look at the new TSN video player and it doesn't seem to have any games on demand. The old one, doesn't appear to have been updated either :frowning:

Go to and under the video channels banner, click cfl then click games on demand.

They’re not updating the site. Nothing from week 18.

I thought this was part of TSN's contract with the CFL. I guess not...

How frustrating!! My wife and I have been living in Thailand for the past three years and counted on the TSN games on demand to watch each week. It's been a great way for us to stay connected with Canada - but now just as the season is coming to a climax.... nothing to watch.

It wouldn't be so bad if there was a paid alternative. We pay the $100 a year for NHL Game Centre Live and do so happily. I'd put $100 or even $200 towards a similar service for all the CFL games, but I guess the demand isn't there? Is there anyone else out there who is now in a similar situation where you won't be able to watch games?

I can't believe I won't be able to watch the playoffs and the Grey Cup for the first time ever. Maybe this is a sign to move back home?

Anyone up for an e-mail/Twitter "protest" campaign? Nothing mean spirited but just showing that we care :smiley:

You are correct but NO NEW GAMES since week 17 !!

In the US the next CFL game is on NBCSHD on November the 2nd at …MIDNIGHT!

Last Saturday I couldn’t get the Ticat/Als game on the internet so I tried to listen to the Hamilton radio station that broadcasts the Ticats, they were broadcasting a MINOR LEAGUE football game not the Ticats, unbelievable!

Live stream of TSN feed.

This one seems to have better picture quality.

I finally did get first row but it didn’t come on until half time. I will try the other one. Thanks

Malware in their desktop player so DO NOT download ANYTHING from them. Just play the stream from the web page. Just a warning.

Good news! Just got a message back from TSN. They should be back up tomorrow including week 18. Apparently they have been revamping the player which.

Hope so!