No more excuses

Stop with the excuses Charlie, just win. The fans don't want to hear excuses about the loses.


Frustrated fan.

He really hasn't made many excuses. Reading the Spec today it sound as if Charlie was telling it like it is.

Taaffe said by the way his club played it would appear they didn't practise all week.

"That's what it looked like to me. It hurts me to have to say that because I'm responsible for it.

"It looked like a comedy of errors sometimes," the head coach added."

"We have to go back and re-evaluate what we're doing. We may have to simplify some things. I've never been around an offence that has struggled for two games like we have. We have to find some answers," Taaffe added.

Was that article with Taaffe? It sounded so much like the same speech that Ronnie gave for 7 years that I though the Spec made a misprint.

Errr he soudned pretty defeated on the 5th quarter.. He said... "there are no excuses to play like that we look like we didn't even practice and im responsible for it". To me that sounds like a guy recognizing there's a problem but needs to figure out how to fix it, and fast. so if you ask me doesnt really sound like excuses sounds like responsibility.