No more complaints please.

alright people how about no more complaining about the refs, both teams are playing against the refs and prepare for it. We know the refs suck this year, but they can't take all the blaim now can they. If the team would have played better, one bad call wouldn't have decided the game. So lets give the refs a break and place the blaim where it belongs, on the team not playing as well as they should have.

...can i get a Hell ya?

HELL YA!!!!!

AMEN............the complaining here is good for venting , but that is about it.

Reffing is horrible all around this year, so i'll agree to stop complaining about individual cases of it.

I can't complain regardless, but I would've joined in on this one.

You're right, good teams win games regardless.

I was adding more, but it got long, and not suited for this thread.

I agree, there should be no more complaining about the officiating because when a call is made you can’t change it anyway. All the complaining in the world will do no good at that time. I think we all want instant replay to change poor calls, and remember when it comes in, it will take some tweaking to get it right consistantly. They’ve had it for several years in the NFL, and it had to be changed a bit several times, but now I think it works well and enough plays are overturned so the system does get them right for the most part. Also the time to get the answer has shortened considerably, which is great for everyone.