No more cheerleaders

[tr][td]Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders won’t be back in 2020[/td]

[tr][td]The longtime head of the Montreal Alouettes’ cheerleading squad, Annie Larouche, tells Bell Media that there won’t be any cheerleaders at Montreal Alouettes games in 2020. Larouche went to Facebook on Wednesday morning ‘with a broken heart’ to announce that the team wouldn’t be back.[/td]

World class bullshit.

Montreal Alouettes drop cheerleading squad amid budget cuts
The Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders won’t be encouraging the CFL team next season, the team announced Wednesday.

Thought this new owner had some coin to fix the Als problems .

Not sure the cheerleaders were a problem but an asset to selling the team .

Surprised move! Was it that expensive?


I thought the same thing.

They didn’t pay them. The mascot is probably next. Unless Danny wants to get in the suit on game day.

One Coordinator position, probably 50k plus uniforms and odds and ends… saving 75k.

Not sure how it adds to the game-day experience.

Sigh! No class!

Maybe Danny thinks that he could add these savings to the cap for the players. Maybe Danny will do the dancing.

I’m sorry, but that’s a “bush league” move. Since the sale, we keep hearing that the new owners have plenty of money and they come out with this stupid decision. Won’t sell tickets.


Not just the game day experience.
They use to be at outside events throughout the year.

Agree with all the above, this decision sucks, BIGTIME!!

Cuts are never popular in any business.
The President probably has made a few more but this is the one that made the news.

No real whoop.

My money is on the President making the cut and not the owners…But who knows

Sucks when changes happen and with new people in charge and there is a financial turnaround being worked on, though decisions need to be made.

According to the article, the director will stay with the director will stay on with the team’s foundation, so there will still be a presence in the community. Perhaps more players will visit schools, hospitals etc…

Personally, I don’t think it adds much to the game day experience so curious to see what the team does in its place. Can’t think of anyone who makes their decision to buy tickets solely based on the presence of cheerleaders.

If this is run like a business the President is given a budget to operate within.

Cuts will be his decision.

As I say there will be a lot of whining about this one but really?? Cheerleaders are just a relic left over for and by old men and their sports team.

Nobody goes to games because there are dancing women in costumes on the field.

I hear the Argos are very close to signing Bianca.


Thought the exact same thing. Cutting cheerleaders who are a minimal expense is not exactly a signal the organization is off to a flying start with the new ownership group